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Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Are the Odds?

...that after the North tower was hit but before the South tower was hit, a large Boeing flew close by Manhattan?

The plane is going south to north, perhaps 1 mile west of the WTC.

I wonder if this is the plane that many eye-witness saw before the South tower was hit?


Anonymous janedoe said...

It looks like the plane is going east to west, not south to north. Isn't the picture taken from the north?

Also, how can you tell it is a "Boeing" plane. At that distance, I just see "a big plane." :-)
But, I can sometimes tell the difference between a Boeing 757 and 767, as I call the 757 a "pencil plane," and the 767 just looks like a chubby verson of it. But, I still need to be a little closer to know exactly WHAT kind of plane it is, all by itself, without comparing it to another. I don't think the plane in the picture is a pencil plane, but I really can't be sure. So, I'm curious, how have we heard about so many people wh have instantly identified the model of a plane they only caught a glimpse of?

1:21 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...

The tyerrorize link has blow-ups, it looks like a Boeing from the wing engine. Obviously can't tell if it is a 757, 767 or even a 747.

But we are definitely looking westward in the picture, so the plane path would be northward...

4:44 PM  
Blogger batcave911 said...

i have closeups here...
hard to tell what it was, but there are SEVERAL witness reports of another plane.
this is REAL strange, cos radar sisnt pick up anything else (so they say)
remember the UFO streaking past, some thought was an F-16 ?
maybe this is connected,
maybe they needed another plane for distraction.
was the other plane a 767 and the one that hit the tower something else ???

and WHY did we only catch it one 2-3 videos ?
was it deleted in the others ???
video and photos of another plane in the area

6:48 PM  

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