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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bringin' Freedom

Gee, I wonder why no reporter yesterday asked Bush about this:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi police have accused American troops of executing 11 people, including a 75-year-old woman and a 6-month-old infant, in the aftermath of a raid last Wednesday on a house about 60 miles north of Baghdad.

The villagers were killed after American troops herded them into a single room of the house, according to a police document obtained by Knight Ridder Newspapers. The soldiers also burned three vehicles, killed the villagers' animals and blew up the house, the document said.
Oh, just unfounded allegations, I'm sure.

And oh yeah, no real surprise that Bush admitted the US is committed to staying in Iraq for several more years, AT MINIMUM.

The question is: will we ever leave?

Maybe when the oil runs out, I suppose.


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