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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Flight 93 Crash

Still makes no sense.

The plane DISAPPEARED into the ground, AFTER the front end of the plane supposedly disintegrated upon impacting the ground, spewing tiny tiny plane parts around.

We've never seen any pictures of a tail, wings, or any significant piece of a 757 from the Shanksville crash site. No significant human remains were found, mostly small pieces of skin. No blood was seen at the crash site.

This is the one part of 9/11 where there just is NO good explanation for the official story. I have never seen anyone defend this aspect of 9/11 in any convincing way. The only rebuttal I've seen is that lay people can't judge crash sites, you have to be an NTSB aviation crash expert to judge this crash.

There has been tons and tons of debate on the collapse of WTC1, 2 and 7 and what happened at the Pentagon.

But there has been hardly ANY debate on flight 93--- and this crash was for me, the first piece of 9/11 physical evidence that really stuck in my craw.


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