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Monday, March 27, 2006

Media Politics and Deep Politics

Fascinating article here:
...Two days before, on March 20th, two unexpected things had happened, and one expected one didn't.
- Charlie Sheen came out of the cold on the Alex Jones show and ripped the veil of the governmental 9/11 cover-up.
- New York Magazine did a full feature on Tarpley's NY911Truth conference, complete with his model of the network of false-flag terror moles inside the government.
- The Euro-denominated Iranian Oil Bourse, a threat to the dollar which Tarpley promotes as the real reason for an attack on Iran, didn't open as scheduled after all.

Coincidence, or a coordinated counteroffensive against the neo-con crazies? Tarpley's guess is the financier oligarchy is not happy with its Bush-Cheney puppets, and wants them back on their leash before their mania for a war on Iran sinks the already deficit-drowning Anglo-American empire. (snip)

That is, a more intelligent faction within the elite is threatening to use 9/11 like Watergate tapes to take out the "president" - without touching its "invisible government" asset. Do not count on a free flow of information that 9/11 was fabricated by US military intelligence. This may only be a warning shot across the White House lawn.

That seems to be why CNN aired only 30 seconds of the 15 minutes they taped of Webster Tarpley. The Wednesday show had clips of Charlie Sheen and comments by spokesman Michael Berger, who remembered to mention the arch-smoking-gun collapse of WTC Building 7. The outgunned defender of orthodoxy was Nicole Rittermeyer of National Geographic. Tarpley says she worked for a production company owned by a Skull & Bones Bush Brother...
(emphasis added)
The rest of the piece is well-worth a read.


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