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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Meta Second Hit Videos

I think I have seen every second hit video out there now. There are somewhat over twenty of them (note to self: make a comprehensive list of all the 2nd hit videos in the near future).

Most videos, not surprisingly focus on the twin towers, and many are from close-up. They are from many different directions and distances.

In any case, here's something curious-- is there ANY 2nd hit video where the plane shows perspective and changes in size?

I've never seen one.

I find it remarkable that the only significant video of the first hit (the Naudet video) shows perspective (the flying object starts big and gets smaller as it moves away from the camera), yet even though there are over 20 videos of the second hit-- not one shows perspective.

You'd think at least ONE videographer would have tracked the second plane from some distance out, such as this guy. But even this Manos fellow, who captures the event from at least eight miles away, only captures the plane for two seconds. Very odd.

Here's another interesting finding from my survey. There is not one video or photo of the second plane from New Jersey from the south west-- from the area WHERE THE DANG PLANE WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE FLOWN OVER!

Wasn't anyone from Jersey, across from the Hudson from the WTC, filming the towers???? (like from the position where Rick Siegel (911 Eyewitness) was?)

The longest shot of the second plane is a Japanese video*, taken from a few miles west in New Jersey, but it is fairly far off. It's hard to believe no one in New Jersey closer to Manhattan wasn't filming. Doesn't anyone in New Jersey own a video camera???


*I must say the Japanese video looks quite real, though the flying object is just a dark smudge, and so we cannot be sure what it is. I also can't rule out that the flying object wasn't inserted to make the footage more dramatic. (The problem of course is that videos of the plane contradict on where the plane came from, and so one has to wonder which, if any video, is real. Plus, there are several other reasons to wonder if a real plane hit the south tower...)


Blogger Social Democracy Now said...

I haven't yet found any eyewitness accounts by people who say they saw the second plane coming in. If no one saw the plane coming, then it's hardly a surprise that no one filmed it!

PS: If you know of any such accounts, please let me know: socdemnow at

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