Humint Events Online: The View of the Second Hit From the West

Monday, April 17, 2006

The View of the Second Hit From the West

Four videos:

1) The Japanese video, shot from several miles out.

2) The ABC network "live shot" from a helicopter, also used by CNN and Fox, where the south tower isn't even visible behind the north tower, and the plane simply disappears behind the north tower.

3) This WNYW network video also shot from a helicopter. This may be the video that was the 2nd view of the 2nd hit shown by CNN, where the logo cut off any view of the plane, and only the explosion was visible on the screen. This WNYW video also has an extremely delayed explosion after the entry of the plane, compared to other videos of the 2nd hit, casting much doubt on the authenticity of this video.

4) This extremely fake-looking video that appeared later on Fox.

So, there are over a dozen views of the 2nd hit from the east of the WTC, but from the west, we get: two helicopter feeds including the highly dubious live shot and a shot with a clearly mistimed explosion, a shot from far away showing only a smudge, and what looks like a cheap fake.

Nope, nothing strange about that at all...


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