Humint Events Online: Bush Is Great and Popular Again!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush Is Great and Popular Again!


Anonymous pinch said...

Yeah...tough week for you moonbats. Rove....Zarqawi....Bush in Baghdad. What's a moonbat to do! All you can do is ratchet up the moonbattery - kind of like when you talk to someone from a foreign country - yell louder and more shrill - perhaps THEN someone will listen!

3:40 PM  
Anonymous james ha said...

.tough week for you moonbats. Rove....Zarqawi....Bush in Baghdad.

what's a rove? was bush having a photo-op with plastic turkeys again?
are you trying to insinuate that any of us are disappoined by the elimination of zarkowie? you know better than that. i thought perhaps you were above such cheap left v. right tactics pinch, but i guess you are not.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous 9/11 PINCH smasher said...

Bush in Baghdad, SUUUURE...hadta come in on the Sneak tip (steep divin' into Baghdad International, with Flares a-popin'! haa)...couldn't even tell the FUCKING IRAQI PRESIDENT UNTIL 5 MINUTES BEFORE!!!!!!!!!! How's THAT for Trust!??

Yep SHILL, things are goin' just PEACHY in Ol' Eye-Rack! As you and I well know, Amerikka is getting SLAUGHTERED in Iraq. Tough time for the Invaders I fightin' a war based entirely on Bushie's LIES.

Remind me mr. aviator....which invading country has EVER won a guerilla war??

Answer: Ummm....NONE!

Uh...but yeah...things will be different in ole Eye Rack for US, right? LOL

BTW...What color is the sky in your BushWorld , Government SHILL (aka "pinch")!???? hehe

Even you can't POSSIBLY have faith in the ex-cokehead, ex-drunk, privileged son of a privileged son president of ours currently squatting in d.c............can you?


2:34 AM  

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