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Friday, August 04, 2006

The "Dive Bomb" Video

Marcus Icke pointed me to this video, I call the "divebomb", as it has very clear building angles and plane angles one can use for precise modeling in Flight Simulator:

Screen capture 1 (to match in flight simulator, the image was rotated so the towers were 90 degrees vertical, but the unrotated image is shown here):

A close match in Flight Simulator (the pitch is not probably not as downward as it should be; scroll down to see a larger view of this angle):

Here's the view of the plane from the "CNN wide" view-- not bad:

Here's the view of the plane from the "FOX blue" view-- not bad, though if the downward pitch was increased, this angle would look strange:

Here's another screen capture, with the plane closer:

This is quite a close match (though again the pitch is more upward than it should be):

The CNN view of the same plane position is close, though the nose seems more pitched UPWARDS than it is in the video:

Oddly, as in the CNN video where the plane is close to the tower, here the FOXblue view is also quite off (the plane is simply never that far away from the tower in this view):

So again, it seems as though the videos show highly related paths that never precisely agree with each other-- consistent with each different video showing a fake "CGI" plane.


Anonymous shep said...

does flightsim give you any sort of distance on the camera location? can you tell as you move thru the landscape how far the camera is from the towers?

to me, this shot and this shot don't match wrt the camera position on the ground.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...

yes, you can place the camera position at a certain position, and then zoom in on the plane-- I almost always zoom in quite a bit from the base camera position in order to see the plane better.

6:28 PM  

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