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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Logic of No-Planes

An inside job by who? The Govt? That’s only part of the story. The TV fakery on the Sth tower hit proves that the media was just as big a player as the Govt.

Govts come and go, but if the media which was a major player in organizing the psy-op remains in power, then nothing has changed. Hanging out a few patsies who have outlived their usefulness- like Bush and Silverstein— may satisfy a primitive thirst for revenge but it leaves fully intact the criminal infrastructure which organized the deception. In fact it strengthens it by giving the misleading appearance that the truth has been exposed and that justice has been done, while actually leaving the high level perpetrators fully in control and ready to move on to the next chapter of their deception.

If the media gets away with showing us a cartoon and passing it off as news in such brazen fashion, and then gets Govt patsies to take the fall, do you think they’ll only do it once? And with continuing improvements in digital technology, the next one will be harder to pick if people have not been made aware that this sort of thing is happening.

Also, this is strongly relevant to my previous point—that bad information leads to bad decisions. There is an obsession within the movement with trying to use the mainstream media as the vehicle to tell the so called-truth about the event.

If it were the case that the Govt had organized the whole thing, and that the media had been simply swept along by the tide, not knowing how to deal with the situation, and fallen into line because it simply didn’t have the courage or the knowledge to resist the situation, then exposure of the truth through the mainstream media might be a plausible aim.

But the knowledge that the media was a full and willing partner in organizing the entire deception, should make it obvious that disclosure of the full truth through that same media an absurd and impractical aim. If they allow limited amounts of truth to leak into the media, this is only because it is part of their plan to continue the deception and move it forward to the next chapter.

Selective truth can be as deceptive as lies.

The media might hang out the Govt , but it wont hang out itself, and this means that it will never facilitate disclosure of the full truth.

It’s like knowing that the police are running the local drug gangs and yet still going to them with information, expecting them to genuinely act on it, and then cheering because eventually they bust one of the gangs, when in actual fact, they’ve done it only to make people think that they’re doing something, and all it represents is a change in alliances within the trade, and a change in the details of how they’re going to keep running the trade.
For example, demolition proves demolition, but does not prove stand down, or hijacker ID fakery. They remain as completely independent arguments.

By contrast, TV fakery solves all three questions in one hit. It proves demolition—no more arguments about jet fuel fires, no more arguments about whether there were any Arabs on the planes, and it solves the mystery of why we haven't found the stand down order and why no one in the Air Force has come forward—it’s because there wasn’t any stand down order, because there didn’t need to be, because there weren't any hijacked planes.

Every other piece of evidence, while useful in proving one specific point and in demonstrating in a general sense that we have been lied to, leaves many significant loose ends.

Let me give you an example. The demolition by itself enables the whole hijacker myth to stand. A criminal group within the business community simply knew what was going to happen and decided to take advantage of the situation by using it as a cover to demolish the buildings and then criminal elements within the govt covered up for them retrospectively.
Put yourself in the position of the hijackers. What kind of idiot would plan to crash two planes into the towers, and then expect to be able to attack the pentagon 3/4 of an hour later and then expect to be able to attack the White House another 1/2 hour after that?

The hijackers were seriously so stupid that never even considered the question of likely response from the air force? They made an incredibly stupid plan which had no hope whatsoever of succeeding, but by an amazing coincidence the Govt had found out about it, and decided to let it happen?

Not very plausible really. So to get around this, you have to conclude that the hijackers actually knew that the air force was going to be stood down for them.

Which means that hijackers and the Govt were actually working together. In which case why would Islamic fanatics commit suicide to help the US govt? Which means that they weren’t Islamic fanatics. They were USG agents.

In which case, is it normal for top USG operatives to do suicide missions?

So you try to solve this problem by considering remote controlled planes.

Which then creates the problem of why electronically hijack real flights with crew who might be able to ruin the plot, rather than use decoy drones? Which then leads you on to substitute drones to try to solve that problem. Etc, etc.

As long as there are planes in the story, then each layer which is peeled back creates as many new problems as it solves.

This of course, is inevitable with any story if its central core is fiction. The most efficient way to bust a fictitious story is to go straight for its fictitious core, rather than keep chasing the tangential lies which were spin offs to try to cover the main lie.


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