Humint Events Online: Atta and Jarrah Laugh About Their Last Wills?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Atta and Jarrah Laugh About Their Last Wills?

This story seems wrong to me. If you look at the videos, Atta and Jarrah goof around and smile as they give their last wills. That hardly seems right for supposed religious freaks. Plus why is there such an extreme amount of editing? Can't these guys give their "wills" in one shot?

I have to wonder if perhaps this video was taken after 9/11, with the escaped patsies Atta and Jarrah having grown beards and happy to be alive. I'm not a big believer in look-alikes, so I think these were the official Atta and Jarrah...

AP take on the story here.

UPDATE 10/3/06: I forgot about how there are clearly at least two different "Ziad Jarrahs". Also, there is now good evidence the whole video is a sham.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you google video "Road to guantanamo" you can watch a docudrama about the real life experiance of 3 British muslims and the torture they experianced in Guantanamo. At about 1 hour and 14 minutes into the movie they are shown a video taken at a ralley in afghanistan taken jan 8 2000.

And they are urged to admit they are in the video. This proves the US Government has had this tape for several years. And now are quitely admitting it. The question is, how long have they had it? The claim is of course "they found it" in a house. Who's house? Can they prove ANYONE else has ever been in possesion of this tape? Because all indications are it is a surveilence video. No sound (at a speech rally!)and more interest in the crowd than the speaker. Al queda would not make a surveilence video of themselves. The US Government would. If you believe the US government had no informats in the organization that they actually created themselves then I don't know what else to say. This one seems obvious.

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