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Friday, January 26, 2007

More Evidence the Plane Wheel Was Planted in the Columns

Here is the picture of the tire that miraculously knocked out a section of columns from the WTC and stayed embedded in them during the crash of the 6 ton section of column 1000 feet to the ground:

Here is what the column section looked like as it was being put in the building:

The columns span 2 complete floors and parts of 2 other floors. The tire was embedded in the lower of the complete floor sections of the columns.

This presents a problem though, in terms of the mechanism for how this tire knocked the column section out. In the diagram below, the left side depicts what is supposed to have happened: the tire and whatever else was behind it knocked the set of columns straight out with the top of the columns tipping over as it fell, so the columns fell inner face UP. This assumes relatively symmetric force pushing the columns out.

However the tire-- and presumably this is where most of the force originated from-- was pushing on the lower part of the columns-- resulting in asymmetric force. This would have caused the columns to tip and fall inner face down (see right-hand diagram).

Furthermore, there was a series of pipes that were attached to the top part of the columns (see top image). The would have decreased the outward force on the top part of the columns-- resulting in even more asymmetric force and more tipping in a way such that the columns would fall inner face down.

Thus, the fact that the columns fell inner face UP suggest strongly the wheel was planted in the columns. This is assuming the columns weren't somehow planted as well.

Note-- due to the shape of columns and their weight, I find it extremely unlikely that they would have rolled, bounced or flipped over once they hit the ground.


Anonymous moronic fucktard said...

It was planted and NOBODY noticed? I believe that...

10:41 AM  
Anonymous moronic fucktard #2 said...

It weighed 6 tons and fell 1000' down and didn't even scratch the 4" thick concrete sidewalk?
I believe that...

12:19 PM  
Anonymous shep said...

It was planted and NOBODY noticed?

what was there to notice before ~8.45am that morning? it was just a typical tuesday morning in NYC and it is not unrealistic that someone could have planted this column. it's not like NYC has bystanders stationed on every corner noting what's going down on a routine tuesday morning.

looking at all the pictures of the column/tire section, i am thinking they must have been taken prior to the 'collapse' of WTC2. any guesses? the color seems different between to column construction pictures vs. column/tire picture. in the construction picture it looks like the steel has undergone oxidation whereas in the column/tire picture, either the steel is covered in dust (?) or doesn't look oxidized at all.

not conclusive of anything, just some thoughts from the pictures.

i am not sure what to make of your estimated column fall trajectory right now, but i do agree that it is unlikely these columns would have bounce, rolled, rebounded or flipped over once they hit.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous 6 ton belly-flop! said...

what's up with that pipe?
it is too big in diameter to be a copper water supply line but what kind of an iron drain pipe would bend without breaking? and where are the tee joints for other pipes to join this one?

1:13 PM  
Anonymous denying fuctard said...

"what was there to notice before ~8.45am that morning?"

Of course, that makes perfect sense. No one would notice airplane parts being strewn around lower Manhatten at THAT time of the morning...

1:42 PM  
Anonymous distracting fucktard said...

"No one would notice...."

who knows what anyone might notice or not? it's a simple matter to close off an entire street for an hour or two.
who cares anyway? the point is that this 6 ton section of steel couldn't have been knocked out of a wtc by a simple tire then fallen 1000' to land on a sidewalk without destroying that sidewalk.

you are lame at the game of distraction.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The time to plant this stuff would be while the giant fireballs are going off and theres smoke coming out of the toweres.

Another possibility is that these things are just pure photo-fakery and were never even "found" anywhere...

Where's my red bandana?


3:33 PM  
Anonymous shep said...

you are lame at the game of distraction.

indeed. we're talking about the column with the tire wedged between it. by airplane parts strewn across lower Manhattan, might you be referring to the engine which was found underneath a tarp/fruitstand area? or perhaps the hunk of metal on top of tower wreckage (on top?!) frequently shown as a AA11 fuselage, which infact could just some gray hunk of sheet metal from anywhere?

you act like someone would be able to ID these things as airplane parts prior to 8.45am.. right.. 'cause prior to 8.45am, airplane parts in NYC would be so routine and common place that any ol' joe could ID them as belonging to AA11.

how many of those airplane parts which were strewn around lower Manhattan were identified by registration numbers, as required by NTSB crash procedures?

they were more interested IDing the red bandanna and the passport then they were about any plane parts since, to this day, not one plane part has been ID va serial number (correct me if i am wrong).

5:34 PM  
Anonymous jim said...

More likely it was dropped off by the fast arriving demolition crews who just happened to be ready to attend to the scene because they just happened to come across a terrorist attack that no one knew about except FEMA which just happened to arrive in New York City the day before. I wish I had been gambling on this day.

11:41 AM  

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