Humint Events Online: What Happened to the Landing Gear Struts at the WTC?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Happened to the Landing Gear Struts at the WTC?

The landing gear struts are supposed to be the strongest, densest and heaviest parts of a plane.

Supporters of the official 9/11 story argue that the landing gear of flight 77 punched through multiple concrete walls at the Pentagon and even made the round "exit hole".

Here is a picture showing a landing gear strut supposedly in the Pentagon wreckage:

Given that landing gear wheels allegedly passed through the WTC and were found in the streets below, e.g.

shouldn't the LANDING GEAR STRUTS (three per plane) have punched through the buildings and made it out the other side of the towers?

If ANYTHING passed through the towers, it should have been those strong heavy landing gear struts.

Even if they didn't make it out of the towers, shouldn't they have been found at Ground Zero?

Where are the six landing gear struts from the WTC planes?


Anonymous hammer vs. beer can! said...

my personal stories of heroism! (and other assorted nonsense)
by john albanese

9:37 PM  
Anonymous shep said...

it's really dirty over here

plastic nose or not, ain't it gonna crush something when it hits the tower at first? me thinks we'd be seeing some plane folding, crunching, distorting of shape after the plastic nose hit. nose crumbles up and the rest of the plane, with it momentum, keeps moving forward. in the end i'd expect to see a jumbled mess of a plane against a damaged building. i don't know what kinda damage, but i won't place any bets in cartoon cutout shapes.

then again, i am not albanese so my opinion ain't worth fools gold.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous channel 5! said...

unreal. i just channeled the ghost of edna cintron again and she suggests that we ask john albanese to explain why there is no 767 debris anywhere at all, especially right in the opening where she is standing.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You see, Gentleman, the World Trade Center was nothing but windows.



3:26 PM  
Anonymous shep said...

haha, that's right! good 'ol admiral butt pincher thinks that same thing! ;-)

ain't that right, instabitch? nothing but glass...

5:35 PM  
Anonymous shep said...

where are those landing gear struts? i bet they just go hung on on their trip thru the core. i thought the core had columns throughout it, not just perimeter like the external columns. anything traveling thru that core sucessfully dodges columns better than sword of gotnothin' dodges questions.

oh whats that? a rubber tire and hub made it through the tower, and appears to have implanted itself in the tower columns and then all 6 tons of it fell 1000' feet onto on concrete sidewalk without breaking it?


there's a new price on freedom so buy into it while supplies last!

7:42 PM  
Anonymous channel 5 beer cans said...

hey didn't the mcgovt/media claim to have found an entire row of airline seats with bodies still strapped into them?

12:22 PM  

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