Humint Events Online: Why Didn't A Lot More Plane Debris Come Out Into the Street Here?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Why Didn't A Lot More Plane Debris Come Out Into the Street Here?

Why only this wheel?

Why didn't the rest of the landing gear to which this wheel was attached come flying out?

Are we honestly to believe that only this wheel knocked a 12,000 pound set of columns out of their fastenings and then propelled it to 40 mph?

But if there was more plane debris, why wasn't it lying near these columns?

If there was plane debris elsewhere, why wasn't it photographed?

If it WAS photographed, why haven't we seen the photos?

It's not exactly like we've been saturated with pictures of WTC plane debris!

How can it be possible that no other major plane debris came out of the hole besides this wheel?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many people do you want unloading debris from the back of a truck, Spooked? This is a sensitive operation we're talking about here. Besides, with no exit hole, you should be happy with the amount of debris you got!

Some people just like to criticize the government, it seems. =)


6:16 PM  
Anonymous click here to see the ultimate fucktard! said...

is it possible that the same little bright shiny fucktard of a piece of fuselage was photographed on the roof of that building next to the wtc and then raced over to the pentagon where it was placed oh so carefully on the pristine unmarred lawn and again photographed and then placed (again, oh so carefully) at the end of that 12' diameter hole that was somehow drilled thru several sections of steel reinforced concrete where it was photographed for the 3rd time?

10:47 PM  
Anonymous still waiting for the real truth. said...

the sharpest swords of mctruth do come here regularly, and yet have not once even pretended to believe the govt 9/11 fairytale much less explain why any of our skepticism is unfounded. what's up with that pinchers - if we are so misguided then why have you utterly failed to explain even if only minutely?

personally, i would be relieved to learn that 19 evil other guys were indeed responsible for the total destruction of the twin towers rather than suspect that it was an inside job, but as it stands now it doesn't seem at all possible that the 19 evil other guys were to blame.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous 飛行機がない! said...

"Why Didn't A Lot More Plane Debris Come Out Into the Street Here?"

Probably because there WASN'T any real plane debris to begin with.

red arrows were STEEL
yellow lines were CONCRETE

9:23 AM  

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