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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things Like This Disturb My Sleep

This is just so absurd:

Are we really expected to believe a
a) 12,000 pound (at minimum) set of columns came crashing down from 1,000 feet up and it didn't even crack the street?
b) a wheel was embedded so tightly in the columns it wasn't even dislodged by the impact?
c) this 12,000 pound set of columns traveled at least 500 feet from WTC1 after being dislodged from the tower?

Jesus, it's crazy.

I could see the falling columns impaling and getting stuck in the street like we see here:

But falling perfectly flat without any sign of significant impact?

I don't think so.

There are a couple of other things to note.

1) take a look at the item below that looks a bit like a carry-on bag with a long thin square handle-like protrusion that is right next to the columns (it is black on the right side in the picture below). It has clearly been moved between the picture above (where the object is much further from the columns) and this picture below.

Were these pictures staged? It sure looks like it. And if they moved the bag around, it seems likely they could have also moved the wheel.

2) If this set of columns came from the SE corner of WTC1, there is a trajectory problem, in that the columns would have had to come off the building on a SSW trajectory, which doesn't fit with how plane debris originating from the center of the building would have impacted the SE corner.

UPDATE-- I'm wrong, as the picture was misleading. The missing chunk of WTC1 came from the center of the South face, not from the SE corner.

3) note the columns are right next to a large, unenclosed and empty parking lot. What are the odds that this parking lot would be so empty on a workday (Tuesday) morning-- even if we assume that many people left work after the tower attacks? This empty parking lot could have held a large moving truck, that dropped off this set of columns and then fled the scene.

But that is just crazy conspiracy theory talk, right?

In fact, this explanation makes more sense to me than the nearly impossible official story we have been presented with.


Blogger Ningen said...

These pictures have to be from before the annihilation of the South Tower, because the church was destroyed:

"Mr. PITSIKALIS: That day was a nightmare. The debris from the south tower literally pancaked our church. You know, it was an unbelievable amount of debris on it."

There's no way that panel got knocked there by airplane debris. So the photos must be staged. Could it have been done before 9/11 and Photoshopped?

The website has a short video on the church and 9/11. There are only a couple of shots of the church before 9/11, and none of the destroyed church, but is a sad but nice story, and another view of the harm these criminals have done.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

The photoshop explanation is also quite plausible, as in the first picture I show, the columns on the right hand side look oddly placed on the street-- as if they are not in the right plane of view. Does anyone see that?

10:36 AM  
Blogger Conspiracy Smasher said...

"But that is just crazy conspiracy theory talk, right?"

Yes, it is...

10:57 AM  
Anonymous shep said...

Spooked, your blog is so effective that even your detractors have given up debating... as if they had ever actually debated your points prior.

cs will now tell us how a rubber tire and wheel housing dislodged a 12,000 pound WTC perimeter section and propelled it out into the street 500 feet away. after all, if this is just silly conspiracy talk, cs must be able to provide a logical explanation for the unexplainable. ain't that right, cs?

most likely, he will just send more minions to further ridicule your points without actually taking a position at all.

now, where have i seen that behavior before? ;-)

11:17 AM  
Anonymous h is for ha! said...

the columns on the right hand side look oddly placed on the street-- as if they are not in the right plane of view. Does anyone see that?

i think i see what you're saying - like the columns are bent somewhat as if the entire section landed on it's end like a spear and then tumbled end over end bending a little bit and coming to rest where it appears to be in the 1st photo; 1/2 on the street and 1/2 on the sidewalk. but looking at the 3rd photo there is NO damage to the parking lot at all so it couldn't have hit on it's end.

back to the 1st photo: look at the sidewalk - i have a 16lb hammer that i use expressly for the purpose of breaking up sidewalk and swimming pool concrete, etc. - using only this 16lb hammer i could thoroughly smash the edge of that sidewalk in only 1 or 2 waks yet that massive steel weighing 7 or more tons supposedly fell 1k ft and didn't so much as scratch the edge of that sidewalk. as if.
if it actually fell 1k feet it would have just destroyed the parking lot, sidewalk and street.

hmmm. looking at both photos it seems as if the sidewalk blends into the street as if it is a driveway from the parking lot to the street, in which case it wouldn't have an edge to be damaged by the weight of the steel.
but the cars seem to park right up against it and there is a crosswalk right there and there would not be a flagpole sticking out of the middle of a driveway.

i bet that the entire scene is a photoshop affair just like the pentagon photos were.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous h is for ha. said...

oh conspiracy smasher in the house - sup!
the very last time we heard from you was your admission to a fascination with bukkake - remember that? i remember that because i did a google just to see what the hell a bukkake is. i'm tempted to copy/paste your bukkake honesty (very refreshing!) to your own blog for all of your pals to see!
your current comment is equally as informative as your every previous comment by it's very lack of information pertaining to 9/11 whatsoever. well done!
you should go get your dad or your boss or whoever is the smart one over there, because you my friend are wholly inadequate.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Reno Pinched My Sword It's True said...

But I don't understand! The photographs prove everything! It's photographic proof!

You're not suggesting they would lie to us, are you? If you expect us to believe this is fake, then you're saying that every wheel on every car in America is fake.

1:14 PM  

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