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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Question of the Day

Electro-magnetic pulses (EMPs) explain perfectly the way scores of motor vehicles near the WTC were burnt in strange patterns.

There simply is no doubt that EMPs caused the roasting and toasting of these cars, buses, trucks and fire engines.

The vehicle fires were definitely NOT caused by flaming debris, since:
1) there is no evidence of large flaming debris near the vehicles
2) small flaming debris could not cause the extreme fire damage seen
3) the burn patterns are far too irregular to be caused by falling debris
4) in many cases, large sections of paint were selectively burnt off, which can be explained by an EMP but not by an ordinary fire

As shown here, multiple vehicles have been severely fried but paper on the ground and buildings nearby are untouched, again implying EMP heating of metal in the vehicles and subsequent fire. In other words, there was not a random wave of hot gas and debris shooting down the street.

The fact that so many vehicles were roasted by EMPs, suggests the EMPs were
extremely strong.

Further, the presence of strong EMPs during the WTC demolitions PROVES that the towers were destroyed by high-energy devices.

Thus, the question is: what specific types of devices could demolish the WTC to the extent seen and also produce such strong EMPs?

Heck, this isn't question of the day. It's question of the DECADE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it SHOULD be the question of the decade - unfortunately it gets displaced by terms such as:
"space beams"
"ray guns"
"jew hatred!"
those who pretend to be supporters of the official govt 9/11 claim that "19 boxcutting morons highjacked 4 boeings" will never dare to address anything as obvious as the oddly toasted cars or the total dustification of the concrete or the fact that much of the steel disappeared before it even hit the ground.

9/11 was an obvious hoax from beginning to end and the poor iraqis and afghanis will pay a terrible price for generations to come.

fuck off all 9/11war perps!

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing you leave out is that an EMP pulse strong enough to scorch cars would have knocked out all electronics for TENS OF MILES!

Explain to me then how all those helicopters hovering over the scene continued flying to get those pictures you are so fond of?

Wait! Lemme guess! Ghost copters! The paranormal aren't affected by EMP, much like the paranoid aren't moved by the truth.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

new article on DIRECTED ENERGY in Forbes, by Matthew Swibel...

6:02 AM  

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