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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Nonsense from Bush on Iraq

At today's press conference, President Bush tagged on a sort of addendum to this cliché, one that I hadn't heard him utter before. Asked about reports that the U.S. presence in Iraq has in fact strengthened al-Qaida, he replied, "Al-Qaida is going to fight us wherever we are," adding, "The fundamental question is, 'Will we fight them?' "

The dissonances here are a bit subtler, but again three things stick out.

First, it isn't true. U.S. troops are deployed, to varying degrees, all over the world; al-Qaida is fighting us in only a couple of places and, even there, hardly as the dominant force.

Second, by making such remarks, the president is only hyping al-Qaida's power. What a great recruitment slogan: "Al-Qaida—fighting wherever the Americans are!"

Third, if the claim is true, why doesn't Bush play strategic jujitsu? He should amass a lot of troops someplace where we have a great advantage, lure al-Qaida to come fight us, then spring the trap and crush them. Clearly, Iraq isn't that place.

I am curious-- has there ever been a more unsubtle and intellectually dishonest president than Bush? In an average press conference, half the things he says is pure boilerplate and cliche and much of the other half is just illogical gibberish.


Blogger Early Wynn said...

Who is "Al-Qaida"? Is "Al-Qaida" something from a place called Alquaidastan?

Isn't "Al-Qaida" just the name of a database? Is Bush talking about fighting a database? He must be confusing database with Army base or Naval Base or more likely, knowing HIS background, cocabase or freebase.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeh! that's so true!

7:25 AM  

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