Humint Events Online: More Weirdness with the Deutsche Bank Building Fire Story

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Weirdness with the Deutsche Bank Building Fire Story

First, there was no water supply to fight the fire, and the building was being stripped of fireproofing-- and still the building didn't collapse after at least seven hours of burning. Perhaps it burned longer-- it's hard to get this info from news reports.

Now, it turns out the contractor in charge of the Deutsche Bank building "demolition" had Mafia ties. The contracting company also had a funny name: the John Galt Corporation. You can read a bit about John Galt here. Suffice it to say, John Galt is a very evocative and symbolic name that should generate suspicion.

Also, it looks like I am not the only to wonder if this fire was done on purpose to help prove the idea that damage and fires were not enough to bring down the WTC towers 9/11 -- in some sort of bizarre reverse psy-op. Of course the "powers that be" have always tried to support the "opposition" in some way, to keep various conflicts going, to have polarities from which to derive a synthesis. The "powers that be" use every means out there to their advantage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a friend of mine worked in NYC-area construction for 40 years and said corruption, mafia, etc was rampant and widespread...i wonder if silverstein is associated with LMDC...and who's this "Greg Blinn" person, really? connect the dots, follow the money and paper trails...

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is John Axisa. Your reference from a series of articles posted from my experience on that day is horribly twisted and contorted. Remove all references of my name immediately or hear form my attorneys.

3:39 PM  

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