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Monday, September 10, 2007

Scary Islamofascist Videos

This is the mentality of the die-hard 9/11 official story believers, it appears:
I'm listening to the audio now. Starts out with sirens, gunshots, and panicked people screaming. There is a voice over in Arabic. Very menacing. Not at all like the usual. There's shouting and screaming, and gunshots. Very different than most of these types of audios which are usually calm sermons with nasheeds (music) in the background.

No bin Laden audio, but towards the end of the audio is a nasheed praising Osama bin Laden. Then gunshots. Then it ends. Scary.

Sounds threatening to me. And considering that I monitor a lot of this stuff, if I even think its scary, then I think that's saying something. It may not be a direct specific threat about an impending attack, but it is a general threat. And it reminds us of exactly who it is we're fighting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
watch videos on youtube by "mysticalgroove"...

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