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Saturday, February 02, 2008

False-Flag Terrorism in Iraq?

Certainly, the propaganda never ends:
Surely you saw or heard the headlines yesterday: A pair of bloody suicide bombings carried out in Iraq by "mentally disabled" women who were tricked into wearing bomb vests detonated from nearby by "al-Qaeda in Iraq" operatives. Of course, this is all too possible -- but most of the media presented it as fact, rather than wild speculation. The Washington Post headline carried no qualifier: 'Mentally Disabled Women Used in Bombings."

So, it turns out on the following day, that the evidence for the mentally disabled part was that one of the alleged bombers' head recovered after the blast was deformed, suggesting Down's syndrome. Now the AP admits that the severed head may have merely been deformed by the blast (duh). Also, McClatchy's crack Baghdad bureau now reports that Iraqi officials "have made similar claims in the past" about mentally crippled bombers and a police official told them "that authorities were still investigating whether the explosion at the second market might have come from a bomb hidden in a cage or a box of eggs."
Is the whole suicide bombing story propaganda manufactured to support a particular brand (al-CIA-duh) of terrorism?


Anonymous sword of bushco said...

The U.S. could retaliate by promising mentally deficient foreigners and assorted U.S. prisoners citizenship and/or amnesty in return for service in Iraq - these newfound *recruits* could be then wired with explosives and sent into action!
Hey wait a minute...

7:58 PM  

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