Humint Events Online: A Darling of the PTB -- Bo Dietl -- Admits WTC Towers Were “Melted", "Vaporized", & "Pulverized”, and Asks, “Where The Fuck Did All These Bodies Go?”

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Darling of the PTB -- Bo Dietl -- Admits WTC Towers Were “Melted", "Vaporized", & "Pulverized”, and Asks, “Where The Fuck Did All These Bodies Go?”

by The Anonymous Physicist

Bo Dietl is a former NYPD detective. A movie was made out of part of his life and career, called “One Tough Cop.” He has a strange background similar to reporter/Mafia godson/intel asset, John Miller, who I wrote about here.

Dietl also has “childhood connections” to the Mafia, and has had a second career as a media pundit, actor, and owner of a private investigative firm that has close ties to the intelligence community. He’s on TV quite a lot.

Recently the “We Are Change” people appeared to corral him, and video his replies here:

Dietl was near the towers at destruction time, and also was an early responder after destruction, working there “until 6 A.M. the next day.” Listen carefully, as Bo Dietl admits that the WTC towers were “melted,” “evaporated,” and “pulverized.”

He recalls trying to find survivors or even parts of survivors, after the towers’ destruction. He apparently didn’t see any, and asks, “where are the people?” And later again says, “where the fuck did all these bodies go…it was pulverized…I didn’t see no body parts…I can’t understand where the bodies went.”

Regarding “plane hits,” Dietl says, “I saw the second explosion, I didn’t actually see the plane” And later he adds, “There hadda be bombs in the buildings.” He then sinks back into the OCT of planes and Arabs, at the end. He tells the “We Are Change” group that “we all agree on planes, right.” Perhaps this is the reason for this video, as Dietl certainly did not have to talk with these people. Dietl says his daughter is trying to get him to see the conspiracy of it all.

Unfortunately, the We Are Change group is under the control of Alex Jones. And Jones is vehemently opposed to two things, 1. No Plane Impacts, and 2. The Nuking of the WTC (and China Syndrome Aftermath.) Jones is allied with the other Intel Jones, namely Steven Jones, and the latter’s impossible Thermite Hangout theory.

Now Jones appears to do many good things for the “truth/conspiracy community.” But Bill Cooper had outed him years ago, as someone not to be trusted by this community. I did not know this until recently. And while I thought Alex Jones likely was intel, I wasn’t certain, until I heard a radio interview he did with Luke Rudowski of We Are Change, a year ago, or so. The young Luke, who had appeared to be genuine, had been on his own, and was describing what was being done to his phone, and sounded very worried, even scared. When he first mentioned the things being done to his phone, Alex Jones said, “That’s the Mafia!”

Now here’s the great conspiracy expert on the American gov’t, and all he can come up with is this obvious hangout of the Mafia. He didn’t say the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the DIA, the military intelligence agencies etc. All he said was that “it must be the Mafia.” Jones thus gave away his M.O., which is to point away from the gov’t agencies, because he likely works for them. Later on, he realized that he had screwed up, and added, “this must be the Mafia or the CIA.” But in that one first, overzealous use of a stupid hangout, I knew that he has to be deep undercover intel, sent into the community to limit knowledge and ACTION of the People against the regime, and the PTB. Sadly, Luke-- who MAY have been genuine until then-- and his group, are totally under the control of Alex Jones ever since. Again this is the reason the PTB have an Alex Jones. His radio interviews always reveal how when his guests start to say something, Jones doesn’t want aired, he cuts them off, and blabbers away with his hangouts.

Maybe someone can reach out to Bo Dietl’s daughter-- and inform her of the nuking of the WTC, and the China Syndrome aftermath-- as her father said he’s interested in seeing what she comes up with. At this point, I’d trust Dietl’s daughter more than the Alex Jones controlled, We Are Change.

My solution would be to have someone tell Dietl’s daughter to tell her father that the only thing that could have completely vaporized about 1500 human beings is nuclear bombs! And if her father was down there, he is at risk for cancer because of the nuking of the WTC. Then maybe Dietl might speak out, or maybe we should hope for the next generation of Dietls to speak out about this. It would be nice if we could see “One Really Tough Daughter” take on the PTB, even if Daddy won’t.

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