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Friday, August 08, 2008

Ground Zero Firefighter Dies of Leukemia, His Cancer Blamed on Benzene Fumes

Kevin M. Delano, a firefighter who worked to find survivors of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, has died of leukemia.

The former Howard Beach, Queens, resident was 54 and died July 30. As a member of Ladder 142 in Ozone Park, Queens, Delano was one of the first people to arrive at the rubble of Ground Zero after the skyscrapers crumbled.

He worked at the site for more than 40 hours straight. He had hoped to find any survivors, but especially sought his close friend, Ray York, of Howard Beach, who was killed.

Delano's doctor blamed the leukemia on burning benzene in the rubble, but this seems very rapid for a chemical-induced cancer. The more obvious explanation is radiation from the nuking.

Coincidentally, the latest paper from Kevin Ryan and Steven Jones talks a lot about benzene and other unusual compounds being at Ground Zero. They blame these compounds on leftover thermite burning in the rubble. The more obvious explanation for the extreme temps in the rubble is the nuclear China Syndrome from left-over and/or fizzled nukes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is there, approximately 500 instances of cancer so far?
i wonder if all of them will be blamed on benzene.

s jones claims that the alleged benzene was a result of left over thermite burning in the rubble.
how long does he think "left over thermite" would burn?
and he calls himself a scientist!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benzene is a colorless and highly flammable liquid with a relatively high melting point. Because it is a known carcinogen, its use as an additive in gasoline is now limited, but it is an important industrial solvent and precursor in the production of drugs, plastics, synthetic rubber, and dyes. Benzene is a natural constituent of crude oil, but it is usually synthesized from other compounds present in petroleum.
According to the official 9/11 fairytale each 1300 ft tower collapsed straight downward (the path of most resistance!) which would have smothered any normal fires, so why would there be any benzene burning in the 9/11 rubble?
Oh Jones claims that burning thermite produced said benzene?
Oops! Even that bogus claim hammers another nail into the coffin of the govt/media's claim that each 1/4 mile tall massive concrete/steel wtc tower merely "collapsed".

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comment, 11:45, and good post Spooked.

When I saw the top part about trying to blame the leukemia of this fireman/responder on "benzene," I too immediately thought of this new "article" by S. Jones, K. Ryan and one other. They try to blame things on benzene compounds there too. So we see a simultaneous, new push for this from the PTB.

This new S. Jones, et al, article that I skimmed yesterday is in the Judy Wood school of disinfo.

That is, it takes all the phenomena that were due to the China Syndrome of radiation-emitting fragments, and tries to invent new Physics or new Chemistry to explain them! The article is mostly on inventing “New Chemistry” of which a (nuclear) physicist like S. Jones would know nothing about!


At the outset of the article, we have:

"For months after the destruction at the WTC on 11th September, 2001, the fires at Ground Zero
could not be put out…"

Shortly after this he calls them "un-extinguishable fires."

In their conclusion, it says: "...Thermite, discussed briefly above, is such a pyrotechnic mixture that
cannot be easily extinguished..."

They hypothesize that “nano-compounds” [or is it super-duper, nano-compounds] would mysteriously have new properties of being “un-extinguishable”--this is their equivalent of creating “molecular dissociating clouds”! And Voila! Super-duper thermite [or thermate] has the new property of being "un-extinguishable.”

Perhaps Jones, et al, now feel the need to invent New Chemistry precisely because it is a year or more now that this Anonymous Physicist has been denouncing Jones for claiming that thermite can emit great heat for months, when only the China Syndrome of radioactivity-emitting fragments can do this for months or longer.

And who do Jones, et al, say have studied the new properties of super-duper NANO-thermite?

Yes, none other than Lawrence Livermore Labs--the nuclear labs that gave us mass-murdering nukes and Megatons etc. And also the folks that are available to REMASTERMIND the audio tapes of the Kennedy Assassination, when you need them to remastermind that, as the unaltered tapes help prove Secret Service Agent Greer fired the fatal head shot.

Note also that Jones, et al, take every opportunity to use the word “fire” because as many articles in N.Y. newspapers, for months, stated the area was still very hot or smoldering, most reports did not use the word “fire.” "Fire" implies chemical reactions and helps hide the nuclear reality of 9/11!

Then I note, that S. Jones, K. Ryan, et al, have another recent article out entitled,

“Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction.”

I have not read this one yet, my B.S./anti-Science meter is on overload already from the first article on “unextinguishable fires” trying to hide the China Syndrome!

But I am pleased if my proclaiming the absurdity of S. Jones’ “forever-burning thermite” has taken its toll and forced him to invent New Chemistry.

Note that if the thermite’s energy was used up in its function as a [weak] explosive, it did not have any energy left over to “burn” indefinitely. Here we have S. Jones creating the equivalent of a perpetual motion machine.

I also see that in the “14 points of agreement” article, the authors say it was done in conjunction with “S Scientific Company.” I have not been able to find anything on the web on this company. Maybe some of you could also try?

Now what the death of this brave fireman/responder may indicate is the following. His leukemia is likely from nuclear radiation, as leukemia was one of the most common causes of death from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors, and is well know to result from radiation.

Now I believe a key here may be that Delano was one of the first to arrive at the rubble of the WTC. IMO, those who did so are likely--as follows--to have greater chance of getting radiation-induced cancer or other illness.

As William Tahil’s book indicates, there is evidence that several isotopes were created from the nuking of the WTC, that were re-radiating, and that had a half-life of a couple of days or so. Also as FEMA was there the day before, they likely immediately measured radioactivity and cordoned off certain areas (this is known to have happened). Also the documentary video “Koenig’s Sphere” shows how, by a couple of weeks later, all cars had to be washed down before leaving the WTC area.

Also Delano got there even before the radiation lowering methods of placing dirt on top of, and hosing down, the rubble were utilized.

So sadly the responders who were the earliest to arrive, may be at greatest risk of radiation-induced cancer or other illness.

Please inform all responders, at their websites of this!!!!

Please keep on informing people of my articles on the nuking of the WTC and the CSA, China Syndrome Aftermath, here:

They perps are on the run, having to invent mythical, mystical, new Chemistry, or new Physics--all nonsense--to hide what they, of course, know well--that the WTC was destroyed with small nuclear bombs and the China Syndrome Aftermath resulted.

Anonymous Physicist

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, I will help a.p. by telling people about him and his work.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I will help you by telling everyone you are well paid by the CIA.

4:52 AM  

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