Humint Events Online: The Beat Goes On-- Making 9/11 Researchers Look Like Psychos

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Beat Goes On-- Making 9/11 Researchers Look Like Psychos

The fake Ace Baker suicide:

This might be excusable if Baker came out right away and said it was all a joke. But as we've heard nothing from Ace -- he hasn't updated his blog for three weeks, with his last post referring to the Fetzer show-- this is just ridiculous.

If this isn't the work of agents sabotaging the "movement", I don't know what is. And clearly Fetzer was in on this whole game.

It is kind of interesting that this whole charade occurred, including Baker being increasingly ostracized by other 9/11 researchers, after he renounced Judy Wood and DEW, and started going towards nukes at the WTC. Also interesting was how Judy Wood initially started talking about nukes at the WTC, then the student she knew, Michael Zebuhr, was killed under fishy circumstances. After this Wood started the whole DEW psyop. At this same time, Wood and Fetzer were working together at the Scholars for 9/11 Truth group which eventually split up.

UPDATE: Baker posts a one-word post at his blog --"Why?" Why, indeed!


OpenID camjnbp said...

oh my god what a jerk off he is!
and fetzer is a jerk off too!

12:57 PM  

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