Humint Events Online: NIST Pretends Outer Steel Wall of WTC Was Made of Very Strong Rubber

Sunday, January 18, 2009

NIST Pretends Outer Steel Wall of WTC Was Made of Very Strong Rubber

From the NIST report, a extended paean to the official collapse story:

The NIST model is that a floor collapsed from the heat of the fires, and this downwards pulling action from the floor collapse pulled the outer wall significantly inward-- as depicted above. Along with the downward pulling action of the floor collapse, this led to an instability in the structure, with uneven support of the upper weight of the tower such that the upper block of the tower eventually tipped over on the weakened side, leading to "global collapse".

There are several reasons this model is completely ludicrous:
1) it's unlikely a single floor collapse would pull in the outer wall this far
2) it's unlikely a floor collapse would have enough strength to pull in the outer columns and that the floor wouldn't detach from the wall
3) it's unlikely that even if the above occurred, that the upper columns of the bowed-in section would stay attached to promote the tipping action. Rather there would be a broken away gash in the side of the wall from the floor collapse. This breaking away would be less likely to promote the upper tipping action that NIST propose started the global collapse.
4) it's ludicrous to imagine that one small (compared to the cross-section of the tower) section of floor collapsing has sufficient energy to pull over the whole building.

Sure, it's ludicrous-- but I guess NIST has to come up with something. They certainly can't talk about the WTC being nuked, after all.


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i say impossible!

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