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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Alex Jones Op -- One of The Most Insidious Intel Ops

By The Anonymous Physicist

It is not a pleasant task to show how someone in the conspiracy field is really an undercover Intel asset--especially when they sometimes do good work. But it is among the most necessary of tasks for one of the few in the conspiracy field not controlled by gov’ts, or religions, or other such control. This task is all the more problematic because such hidden agents of the gov't intel agencies, or of the secret societies that control them, have often already hoodwinked many people searching for truth or leadership in the conspiracy field. Many people are alas hopelessly brainwashed by the very clever and well-coordinated Op-Plans of the “top” conspiracy experts.

As I have written, the few conspiracy experts who are/were not intel assets/agents included Bill Cooper (shot many times, and stomped upon, by Sheriff’s goons likely under federal Gestapo control), Sherman Skolnick (deceased and likely controlled by others in his last several, disabled years), Rodney Stich (very old), and maybe one or two others. You see, instead of naming likely intel imposters, it is far quicker to cite who isn’t! (And for obvious reasons, a person, such as myself, must leave his own reputation to others to proclaim or not--and of course, note carefully who are the proclaimers.)

Of course, just because someone is honest, does not mean they are always accurate. Sometimes a true conspiracy expert is wrong on a particular matter, because he is fed deliberate disinformation by some gov't intel agent pretending to ask him for help. But the overall body of his/her work should stand out as honest, and accurate most of the time. Sometimes a clever gatekeeping intel asset/conspiracy promoter moves from one sub-field to another if he/she has managed to fool enough people. And as I indicated, many people have great difficulty--if they trusted someone once--in correcting their error. The conspiracy “experts” make it difficult, as some are great actors, and they have the cooperation and hidden resources of many in the regime.

In particular, the PTB are able to insert their own hidden agents to become the top players, both in the general conspiracy field, and in each of the more specific conspiracy sub-fields. As well as the top “players,” often the first players in a new conspiracy sub-field are also hidden intel assets to control the information in that sub-field. Sometimes assassination, or disabling tactics, are used to “replace” someone who was genuine, and who could not be bought or controlled. Such assassinations, or disablings, could involve getting shot, or being poisoned, or both, or other methods. As I have detailed, I was poisoned, with a mercury compound emplaced throughout my home, that was inhaled for two years, for showing that driver/Secret Service agent, William Greer fired twice, first shooting Connally, then blowing Kennedy’s head apart.

Assassination was used to “replace” William Milton “Bill” Cooper with Alex Jones. I have written about Bill Cooper here:

The former Naval Intelligence officer was murdered two months after 9/11. Unlike the vast majority of bogus 9/11 “truthers,” had he lived, he would have likely revealed the ultimate truths of 9/11. That the WTC was nuked, and that the China Syndrome resulted, and that it was, of course, perpetrated by the U.S. regime. The one who was inserted to replace him acts as a gatekeeper to keep this information, and the subservient factor of no-planes (NPT) from the people of the USA, and the world. Cooper, of course was famous for his decades-long proclaiming/showing that Secret Service driver, Wiliam Greer, fired the fatal head shot killing President Kennedy, and for revealing matters in the UFO/alien field as well.

How I became certain of Alex Jones is instructive. I was already 90% certain because of the way he carries on with occasional hysterical outbursts (such as here --IMO, just bad acting), and control of his guests when they start to say something he doesn’t want aired. And also because of the general factors listed above. The simple truth is that anyone real is often either killed or disabled by the gestapo regime. And then there are the matters of his NOT getting stopped in such antics as his videoing the inside of the Bohemian Grove, and also the people he interviews, and those he doesn’t. Govt agents (FBI, CIA, or anyone else who is/was high in the govt) only talk to, or cooperate with, other intel agents. You must learn to look beneath the surface!

Several years ago, I heard Jones interview the “9/11 truther” Luke Rodowski of NYC, and founder of “We Are Change”. I will not address, for the moment, Rudowski’s genuineness, or not. Except to say he is very young, and could have been fooled from the outset, and that it is not the point of this article. Then again, Jones himself was quite young when he was inserted into the conspiracy field as a radio personality. Some 15 years later, he is still only 35 now. He began his career shortly after high school, and put out his first conspiracy video a few years after that.

Now young Luke was being interviewed in what sounded like a very frightened state. He was describing hearing strange sounds on his phone, after doing some 9/11 truth work. Jones said that it was probably the Mafia doing it. Here was the great expert on gov’t conspiracy, and all he did was put out that “ancient” gatekeeping hangout trivial nonsense. He did not say NSA, CIA, FBI, military intel, etc. In that one instant, he attained 100% certainty as an agent/asset in my mind. Later he apparently realized he had fucked up, and added, CIA or such, but it was too late for those who can think and CHANGE their minds.

There are many other examples. When WTC responder Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia would venture to say that he thought “tactical nukes” took out the towers, as he was being interviewed by Jones, Jones would change the subject rather than explore THIS MOST IMPORTANT OF 9/11 ISSUES. But one more matter also makes the above deduction a certainty. This is the broadcast Jones did the next morning after Cooper was assassinated, by Apache County Sheriff’s Deputies, in Eager, AZ. It was painful and disgusting to have to listen to this 12-part 11/6/01 youtube series starting here. Jones had on two guests within hours of Cooper’s murder, who allege they knew exactly what had happened, when only the murderers could have known. Turns out at least one was a former “friend of Cooper” who Cooper had turned away, after this “friend” stole money from him--a likely intel plant as the federal intel agencies had done numerous times to Cooper, incuding the JFK truther/pilot who says trees are growing on the back side of the Moon (without presenting any evidence of this fantastic claim), and who now ludicrously promotes “DEW,” even after I helped totally destroy this intel hangout. Jones had on two locals who just said foul things about Cooper, and who “just knew” exactly what had happened during his murder.

Perhaps most painful, and most telling, was the fact that Jones--in these 12 youtubes of his show “commemorating” Bill Cooper--does NOT ONCE mention the thing that Cooper was most famous for, and for what got him to lose a leg in a car chase with the federal Gestapo, and for whch he was ultimately killed for--showing millions that President Kennedy was killed by William Greer, his supposed Secret Service gov’t protector/driver. Having on likely govt agents, and not citing Cooper’s most important work, are dead giveaways. The two interviewees called for people at that time “to remain calm,” and not do anything (Cooper had thousands, and possibly millions of followers, listeners, or readers), showing what may be a reason for the Jones Op. With Cooper’s assassination, Jones became a sort of titular head of the conspiracy movement by default.

But before his murder, Cooper had tried to warn the movement about Jones. (Perhaps another reason to kill Cooper.) Here is part 1 of a 6 part youtube series of a show Cooper did critiquing a broadcast Jones had done on the eve of 1/1/2000--Y2K. Cooper shows how Jones just states one lie after another to scare people that the Russians were about to launch nukes to the USA, and that nuclear reactors, all over the USA and the world had broken down due to Y2K. Here is the mp3 of the above Cooper broadcast on Jones.

Others in the conspiracy field have also noted the “strangeness” of Alex Jones. Here someone shows Jones describing David Icke as a conman or intel agent, then later having Icke on his show. My favorite part of this last youtube is when Jones states what Icke’s Op might be. Jones just looks down nervously at that time--perhaps because he realizes he is also describing his own deep cover. Here is a website devoted to exposing Alex Jones. Unfortunately that fellow, Thomas Richards, who seems genuine, is controlled by his religion, and throws that into the discussion. He arrives at the conclusion that Jones is controlled by the Jesuit conspirators. I am not sure there is enough info to know with certainty who his ultimate controllers are.

Now a word on 9/11, and Alex Jones. Alex Jones has been one hell of a gatekeeper on several crucial 9/11 factors. The fact that the planes “used” on 9/11, at the WTC, were CGI is strongly censored by Jones. He states or implies that even if this were true, it should not ever be cited to the public, as that would be counter-productive to “spreading the word” of 9/11 truth. That is classic gatekeeping. No aspect of what really did or did not happen should be censored, as likely such a desire is itself another indication of a hidden intel asset serving his masters. I am not saying that every aspect of 9/11 should be immediately cited to every “newbie”, but a blanket censoring is highly suspicious. As far as I know, he has never had the words “China Syndrome at the WTC” said on his show, by any guest. As noted above, I have heard him cleverly censor the nuking when it came up by Sgt. Tartaglia. Alex Jones is (naturally) a proponent of Steven Jones’ thermite hypothesis. Somehow the ludicrous claim that thermite burns forever is not too ludicrous to proclaim to the masses. Of course, the thermite nonsense is purely an intel hangout to try to hide the nuking of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath.

This is another giveaway, of one deep undercover asset pushing the hangout of another deep undercover asset. Would a genuine anti-gov't, conspiracy expert ever push a theory from Steven Jones--who was blatantly inserted to shoot down the Cold Fusion energy field in its infancy? That is, an honest conspiracy expert would easily see who is intel, and would never promote anything from such a person! Instead Alex Jones wants 9/11 truth to be nothing but Steven Jones and thermite. When nothing else would possibly enrage the masses to action than to learn that New York City was nuked by the American regime. But Jones’ masters do NOT want people to effect change. Some cite that Jones once mentioned on his show (a year ago or so), that “there’s a theory that the WTC was nuked.” But he added that this was said by a “British physicist.” Now, as far as I know, I am the only physicist that has ever stated, and demonstrated, that the WTC was nuked, and I have made it clear that I am an American. That was the last time Jones mentioned the nuking of the WTC to my knowledge. So if one tried to search the internet for the “British physicist that said the WTC was nuked”, you’d come up with nothing. And did you notice the curious contradiction? Jones ignored that several years earlier, he himself had on the guest, Sgt. Tartaglia, who said "tactical nukes" took down the towers!

There may be a more insidious side to Jones’ “work.” Some desperate people he was allegedly helping have found themselves either arrested or dead. We had Ed and Elaine Brown, the New Hampshire IRS tax protestors, whom the Feds took into custody after a several weeks long stand-off. Supposedly the Browns’ link with the outside world was through their trusted friend Alex Jones. Then there is the strange matter of Barry Jennings, Deputy Director of the New York City Housing Authority’s Emergency Services Department. I have detailed this matter here: Jennings who had been in WTC7, when my articles detailed an earlier attempted, but fizzled, nuking occurred. Jennings was interviewed by Jones. But Jones said he held up the release of this because of Jennings’ fears. My article, just cited, notes the use of the double 33 in the interview with Jones and the “Loose Change” gang. Jennings says he worked for “33 years” for the NYCHA, and then a firetruck Engine number 133 is shown to go by. The coveted double 33, that I have exposed. Jennings died after that, and just as the regime’s WTC7 report was about to come out. We still do not know how or why Jennings died. I would be wary of asking Alex Jones for help.

From the above, we see that Jones seems to be associated with those who have the word “change” in their group’s name. Yet Jones and these groups seem dedicated to censoring the truth, to ensure we will not get any real change. Even the aforementioned “We Are Change” group founded by Luke Rudowski, Alex Jones sycophant, has this on one of their website’s pages: “Derogatory comments disseminated towards NYPD, FDNY OR ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OF ANY KIND will not be tolerated.” What’s next? The Sieg Heil salute to one of the gestapo agencies? Such a blanket statement implies that their members would not be allowed to show that “law enforcement agencies” were involved in destroying/nuking the WTC! Which is the case.

Jones, and others with similar deep covers, had pushed the “Ron Paul Revolution” which was likely designed to stem a real revolution. I heard the interview Jones did with Michael Tsarion. Jones avoided getting into any ultimate truths when Tsarion mentioned what he called “off-world” matters or control. And Jones at one point caused Tsarion to startle and pause. From out of nowhere, Jones threw in some meaningless study which had “33% of…” Oh how these agents have to push that number for their masters.

Perhaps the ultimate insidiousness of the Alex Jones Op-Plan is that he has had on guests to describe alleged plans that the American regime "may someday nuke some American city." All the while, he desperately censors the "breaking news" that one city--New York City--was ALREADY NUKED ON 9/11/01!! Included in this, is that he was contacted and asked if he wanted a review copy of my new book, "The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center and The China Syndrome Aftermath" described here, regarding my being a guest on his show. There was no reply from Alex Jones or his staff.

In the final analysis, Alex Jones has not been shot nor poisoned, nor is he on the regime’s no-fly list, when so many conspiracy speakers are. You will have to make up your own minds on whether Jones, and those he works with, and whose “theories” he supports, are all intel assets. We need to realize that no good change will be effected by him, or his allies. Personally, as the saying goes, I think we need to start the real revolution without him.

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