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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Michael Jackson Death-- O.D. or MI6?

By The Anonymous Physicist

We may never know with certainty what, or who, killed pop superstar Michael Jackson. From the outset, it seems the MSM has wanted to portray his death as a drug overdose. Also, his live-in physician for the last two weeks of his life, has been progressively revealed as having many skeletons in his closet. First it was revealed that Dr. Conrad Murray did not attempt CPR on a hard surface like the floor--needed so as not to have the bed absorb the necessary force to pump blood. Then it has come out that Murray waited 30 minutes before calling 911. Earlier it was disclosed that this alleged cardiologist is not board certified in either cardiology or internal medicine. (One must first attain the latter before the former.) There are other financial irregularities with him as well. He was supposed to be paid by the London group that was to later have MJ play 50 gigs in the O2 arena in London.

The gossip site broke the MJ story, and was apparently the first to proclaim his death. Curiously, I immediately went to MJ ‘s Wikipedia entry, and saw that while the news services were just reporting the ambulance taking him to the hospital-- and this was hours before CNN reported his confirmed death-- Wiki’s MJ entry listed him as definitively dead. I do not know if there is a connection of that gossip website and Wikipedia and the intel agencies. The latter two have been linked together.

Now on the one hand, the MSM, and some internet sites, have been in overdrive depicting MJ as both extremely ill and a great drug abuser, and that he died from an injection of Demerol--a pain killer. Chief among these portrayers is author Ian Halperin. He has been a favorite of the London papers, though it seems he is actually a Canadian. He wrote a book that was timed to come out in July. He claims to have predicted MJ’s death (on December 24, 2008) six months prior TO WITHIN A DAY of its occurrence! Halperin not only declared that MJ had a rare, genetic lung disease (Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency), but emphysema as well. He portrays MJ as a total invalid. Emphysema usually causes its sufferers to need oxygen (O2) all the time, and to have very limited exercise ability. Curiously it also states MJ was taking a homeopathic remedy. Most people who take homeopathic remedies avoid drugs, and are not likely to be abusers.

On the other hand, there are eyewitnesses who have stated that MJ was not an invalid. Body builder Lou Ferrigno has reported that he was training MJ shortly before his death and MJ was in good physical condition. Here are photos of MJ practicing his routine just two days before his demise.

Looking at this more globally, I have previously noted the work of Alex Constantine. His book, “The Covert War Against Rock”, was cited in my article here that revealed that Mozart and Beethoven were poisoned for revealing Ultimate Truths to the world. In the case of Beethoven, I cited excellent research that indicated which one of Beethoven’s physicians was his likely poisoner. Many will now rightly wonder if the MJ death is not a repeat of the Beethoven death by his doctor’s poisoning him. Of course in MJ’s case, it he was killed via drugs, we do not (yet) know who else there could have been responsible. The Constantine book makes clear that numerous rock stars were murdered, and the MSM tales of OD’s are fabrications. That is, if they are claimed to have died of drug overdoses, they were first killed and then the stuff was injected into them by others. The case of Jim Morrison was in the news just last year, verifying what Constantine found decades earlier. Now who could both accomplish such murders, and control the MSM? Yes, the intel agencies. And I have written that MI6 controls the CIA, KGB/FSB, Mossad etc.

So we need to try to figure out which side is right in the MJ matter. Was he a total invalid about to die, and a great drug abuser? Or was he fit, and sinister action was perpetrated against him? Certainly from the American Gestapo regime poisoning me via placing a mercury compound all over my home, it does not surprise me that the intel agencies have countless ways of poisoning someone. In the case of pop/rock stars, they like to use the M.O. of drug overdose. Obviously the L.A. coroner’s report in a few weeks may disclose relevant data. However, we know from the murders of Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, that California coroner’s reports can be totally BOGUS, once the intel agencies threaten and take over a coroner’s office. So sadly, this future report should carry little or no weight. Perhaps this is even why the family did their own autopsy on MJ.

Then there is the “50” thing. MJ was 50 when he died, and was scheduled to perform 50 gigs in London. The next day or so another famous person dies at age 50 (Billy Mays), then a plane crash reports 150 died and a train crash has 50 people injured. The PTB love to play with people’s heads, and do this kind of overkill with a number. The perfect example was the bogus Apollo 13 “[Houston, we have a] Problem.” Apollo 13 was launched at 13:13 on April 11, and had its bogus explosion (while orbiting the Earth the whole time as I have revealed) on April 13.

Other sources claim MJ had problems with the Mafia, and also we see he had utilized bodyguards from the Nation of Islam. (Recall that Malcom X’s daughter was arrested for allegedly trying to kill NOI’s Rev. Farrakhan to allegedly extract justice and to avenge the murder of her father. And as with Rev. ML King, such hits rarely are done as anything other than as directives from the intel agencies.)

So not surprisingly we have a whole smorgasbord of shady characters involved with MJ. Can we also expect those other two great hangouts to be inserted soon— Commies and Zionists— to further muddy the waters? It is usually London and Rome ordered hits that employ so many such hangouts to divert from themselves.

For all his supposed wealth, Michael Jackson likely had a horrible life. While it is publicly admitted that his father physically abused him, others have claimed far more horrendous matters. Recall my revealing article here that stated that many of the top actors/singers were in reality owned and controlled assets of he PTB and the intel agencies, and were sex slaves. Perhaps the most famous of the sex slaves is Cathy O’Brien and her book “TranceFormation of America.” Someone less well known and someone that Ms. O’Brien became dubious about is Sue Ford, alias Brice Taylor. Ms Taylor/Ford claimed to have been a high level,”presidential model” sex slave. She has claimed that her controllers were Henry Kissinger and Bob Hope. Hence the title of her book, “Thanks For The Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free! The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave.” Naturally when I went to get the URL at Amazon, it said, “33 customer reviews.” Again some have claimed the “recalls” in this book are dubious, but only she (hopefully) knows for sure. One thing she alleges is that she was in the room when the unknown “Jackson 5” were to sign a contract. This was not the kind of entertainment contract that becomes public. They were promised great wealth and fame. (And likely perennial control.) But just before signing, each member had to bend over, drop their pants, and “accept” something from another male in the room who was not wearing clothes. If true, one could see this being the most problematic-- and painful-- for the young child, Michael. And possibly explain much about his later personal life. I cannot vouch for the veracity of this, but it is not out of the realm of plausibility as this review of the book, “Howard Hughes, Hell's Angel: America's Notorious Bisexual Billionaire. The Secret Life of the U.S. Emperor” by Darwin Porter shows. See all the top, male macho movie stars named therein as being involved with Hughes. Of course,this book is written at the level of movie gossip, and does not go into the much deeper levels that all concerned may have been sex slaves to the PTB, and I include Hughes. He may have been one too despite the wealth, etc. Recall, my sex slave article claimed that despite John Ramsey being a billionaire-- OR maybe because of being made one-- he likely had to give over his daughter JonBenet Ramsey for her raping at a very young age. And that was why her torturer/killer has not, and I predicted never will be “found.”

So despite great fame and fortune-- OR maybe because of it-- Michael Jackson may have lived a horrible life from a very early age. And maybe the reason that MJ did not put his father in his will is not (just) that he abused him, but maybe that his father gave him over to the type of creatures indicated above.

Now we may have MJ’s own words in the matter of his death, “They will kill me if I don't sing in London." Is this like Princess Di revealing that she found out that the British secret services would kill her in a car crash, or Martin Luther King revealing he knew he was about to be murdered by the U.S. regime?

In the matter of the death of Michael Jackson, it is early in this case, but the usual way that the intel agencies’ coveted “plausible deniability” fails, is that THE INTEL PERPS TRY TOO HARD. Please remember this, as I have strived to teach you how to optimally peel the intel onion. MJ’s popular (unauthorized) biographer would have us believe that MJ was a drug abuser and invalid, had a crippling rare, genetic lung disease (that no one else in his family seems to have) AND THAT HE HAD EMPHYSEMA. If the photos and eyewitness accounts of MJ’s activities in his last weeks and days are accurate, the emphysema thing is an indication of trying a “little” too hard from someone who predicted, to WITHIN A DAY, that MJ would be dead in six months.

While, as above, certainty is not possible in the matter of the death and possible murder of Michael Jackson, the image of the hand of MI6 is all over this one.

Update: This video of MJ dancing and singing, 2 days before he died, has just been released. It is clear from MJ 's singing and dancing that he couldn't have been an invalid or had emphysema or other disabling lung disease. So how could someone have known, to within a day, that he would be dead, six months later?

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