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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The "New" Apollo 11 Footage

Pretty sucky:

Article here. "How's the lighting?" The lighting looks artificial! And who is asking this? Neither of the two astronauts are saying this, but it sounds like someone viewing the scene-- with no audio delay (as would be expected for the viewer on earth and astronauts on the moon)!

Note how CNN (or NASA) fucks up! The landing was officially on the 20th.

(tip to AP for the find)

Note: NASA said they lost the original Apollo 11 footage (they taped over it!?!)!!!! So they had to use tape from CBS and kinescope versions. What a laugh! Note, this article even says how conspiracy theorists would be suspicious of this!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow could it get any more fake than that?

2:15 AM  

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