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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

America's Chernobyl

Quite an interesting comparison. I wonder if they left out the part where he talks about the radiation from the nuking of the towers:
Retired police officer Mike Valentin has had four biopsies for a precancerous tumor in his throat and has to take 15 pills a day. He calls 9/11 America's Chernobyl.

“The people that will die from illnesses will surpass the number of people that were killed on 9/11. I am talking about thousands, tens of thousands of people that will come down with cancers,” forecasts 9/11 first responder Valentin.

Valentin says he spent four months digging through debris at ground zero, after US officials announced the air was safe.

Valentin, the father of three, says he spends $15,000 a year on medication the government won’t cover and that the US leaders have turned their backs on the heroes they promised never to forget.

“Our families are not looking to put Mercedes Benz on the front yard. We’re not looking to take European trips,” says Valentin, “We’re looking to take care of our families when we die.”

With the time he has left, Mike Valentin vows to continue fighting for the compensation he believes 9/11 first responders deserve.

Valentin founded a 9/11 police foundation to help retired first responders in need of medical assistance – among them Patrick Triola who spent months searching the ground zero and then became a victim of kidney cancer.

During those days, Stephen Grossman’s son Robert was also aiding in rescue and recovery. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2006, at just 39 years old. Today, he remains in a coma.
Thanks to AP for the link.


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9/11 "Masterminds" George Bush Sr. and Robert Gates

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