Humint Events Online: New Study of 9/11 Responders with Immune Cancer/Multiple Myeloma Helps Prove Radiation, and thus the Nuclear Destruction of the WTC

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Study of 9/11 Responders with Immune Cancer/Multiple Myeloma Helps Prove Radiation, and thus the Nuclear Destruction of the WTC

and the China Syndrome Aftermath

by The Anonymous Physicist

CBS news is reporting today that a new study, in the “Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine,” found that an abnormally high percentage of 9/11 responders fell ill to a specific immune system cancer called Multiple Myeloma (MM). The Journal Abstract is here. Note that the cut off date for finding these MM sufferers was Sept. 10, 2007.

Now the article states, “The researchers looked at 28,252 emergency responders who spent time amid ground zero dust and found eight cases of multiple myeloma.” But I will show how the PTB start a form of a cover-up, in the Journal article, as they try to cut the number of 9/11 MM sufferers in half. Note also that some 28,000 responders were looked at, while other sources have stated that there were over 40,000 responders in total. So some 30% of responders may be being excluded here.

The CBS piece states, “However, four of the people who fell ill were under age 45, and multiple myeloma is thought to be more rare among people of that age. Under normal circumstances, researchers would have expected to find only one case of the disease in that age group. Those four young multiple myeloma patients included one officer who was caught in the dust cloud on 9/11 and then spent months working long hours at the site. Another spent 111 days at the Staten Island landfill where the rubble was sifted. Two others had less exposure, working 12 and 14 days each in the pit and rubble pile.”

But note that the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation states that “more than 75% occur in people over the age of 70.” And we can safely conclude that 100% of the 9/11 responders were under 70. So it appears that the authors and subsequently the media may speciously be focusing on a split at the age of 45 when all eight--not four--cases are under age 70, and all eight should be focused upon. Note also that at least one responder who worked at the Staten Island landfill contracted MM. I have detailed how the trucks were washed down in strange ways that lead to the conclusion that the entire matter was one of desperately trying to lower radiation levels. See here. The MMRF website also has this on the causes of Multiple Myeloma. “The search for a cause has suggested possible associations between myeloma and a decline in the immune system, genetic factors, certain occupations, certain viruses, exposure to certain chemicals including Agent Orange, and exposure to radiation.” And it is not likely that any Agent Orange was in the rubble pile of the WTC. So this leaves us with radiation; and thus is another piece of evidence--if not proof--of what I have called the China Syndrome Aftermath (CSA) in the WTC rubble from the micro-nukes, used by the American regime, to destroy the WTC.

There is much in the literature about radiation exposure and cancer, including Multiple Myeloma. This article, on survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, concluded that “it is biologically reasonable that MM occurs as a result of exposure to radiation.” This ongoing study is attempting to link Multiple Myeloma to radiation exposure among Chernobyl responders. And here we see that a study has linked Multiple Myeloma to radiation exposure among workers at the Hanford, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and Savannah River nuclear facilities.

So it appears well established that nuclear (ionizing) radiation causes Multiple Myeloma. The thing to be aware of, and that I have repeatedly sited studies for, is that the data from Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed that the majority of cancer, and other immune diseases, took 20-50 years to reveal itself in studies. And as the current study, just released, has a cut-off date of just 6 years after 9/11/01, we may be seeing just the tip of the iceberg-- as my writings previously hypothesized. For more on these matters, see the China Syndrome Aftermath section of my book, “The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center and The China Syndrome Aftermath” at

Please individually get this crucial information--on the likely radiation-induced exposure to all 9/11 responders, from the small nuclear bombs used to destroy the WTC, by the American Gestapo regime--out to all surviving responders. Perhaps they, and their families, will be among the first to awaken and lead the revolt that the United States of Amerika so desperately needs to save itself, and the world, from the same fate that was perpetrated on the thousands in the WTC on 9/11, and the thousands of irradiated responders, as well as nearby New York City slumbering residents. AWAKE NOW.

Addendum by Spooked: Note this quote by the CBS article--
Several groups are studying New Yorkers exposed to toxic dust when the skyscrapers collapsed.

To date, no study, including the one published Monday, has established a link between that dust and cancer, said Lorna Thorpe, a deputy commissioner and epidemiologist at New York City's health department.

The timing of the four cases examined by the team at Mount Sinai also raised questions about whether they are related to their work at ground zero, she said.

Most research on multiple myeloma indicates that it usually takes 10 to 20 years for someone to develop that cancer after an environmental exposure to a carcinogen.

In these cases, the cancers were diagnosed in as little as three to four years after the attacks, suggesting that something else caused the disease.

That "something else" appears to be RADIATION!

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