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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Recent National Geographic Channel TV Hit Piece on 9/11 Truthers

by The Anonymous Physicist

The Nat Geo Channel recently aired a 2- hour special on 9/11 Truthers’ objections to the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) put out by the U.S. Gov’t, on the WTC destruction. It was clearly a “hit piece” on numerous levels. The show was comprised of a back and forth on the WTC destruction aspects. The “truthers,” and the supporters of the OCT--the 9/11 Commission Report--mostly politely stated their opposing views. However, the only “truthers” shown were all thermite supporters: Architect Richard Gage, young Dylan Avery of the Loose Change film “fame,” the 9/11 thermite hypothesizer himself, Steven Jones, PhD, and the theologian, David Ray Griffin. No mention of what really destroyed the WTC--micro-nukes--nor of the China Syndrome Aftermath was allowed.

My readers know well that I have no doubt that the thermite “hypothesis” is nothing but an Intel agency created limited hangout, to desperately try to hide what really destroyed the WTC. I have written three lengthy articles archived here, proving the thorough falsity of the arguments in papers by Jones et al, promoting thermite, or “super nano-composite thermite”, as being the agent for WTC destruction. In fact, there was one very strange “thermite moment” in this show. Now when one of these NGC experiments showed that thermite failed to explode, Steven Jones remarked that nano-thermite has more explosive properties than regular thermite; and he actually said “nano-thermite such as made by Lawrence Livermore Labs--which implicates them [smiling sheepishly]…” So Jones and this show actually leave us with the implication that a U.S. Laboratory was involved in making the alleged WTC destruction agent! Except, of course, “nano-thermite” was not. But what has LL Labs’ primary task been, since the 1940’s? Yes, design of NUCLEAR weapons. Was this another hint by Jones, and the NGC controllers, that LL Labs’ designed NUCLEAR weapons destroyed the WTC?

So what else was aired during this NGC/Regime hit piece? Within minutes, Dylan Avery says that the No Planes Theory is ludicrous. This despite the blatantly, obvious proof that all videos are purely nothing but CGI, and that they all contain exhibited behavior of both the South Tower, and the alleged plane, showing Zero Interaction Physics. Then also within minutes, the show flashes two “33’s” one from a poll of New Yorkers, and the other on a flatbed containing WTC evidence--the coveted double 33--often used to denote something nuclear, as I have revealed.

Also near the beginning, Griffin calls the towers’ destructions, “implosions.” This despite his “colleagues” calling them “explosions.” Is this a slip-up? And if not, at what level is Griffin’s disinformation? It may be at a superficial level, as all these hidden intel assets really are put in place to destroy their own hangout, and support the OCT. And the regime’s number one stooge for tower “collapse” mechanism “explanation, Z.P. Bazant’s papers claim that 80% of the tower ends up in its footprint--thus perhaps it can be called an “implosion” if that is true. Of course, the vast majority of the towers went variously up in smoke (vaporized), or was flung beyond its footprint. My analysis of Bazant’s work, and calling for his arrest for outright fraud for lying about the crucial smallest dust particle size found by scientists is also here:

But is there a deeper reason for Griffin contradicting himself, and his colleagues, with the “implosion” statement at the beginning? It is possible that the regime’s stooges are ordered to leave little hints all about--like the double 33, already noted. Indeed while the towers are exploding outward and upward (vaporized contents rising), what initiated the destruction and caused the vaporization--and dust particle sizes much smaller than the regime’s stooge alleges--could only have been small nuclear bombs. And these fission bombs are initiated by the IMPLOSION of sub-critical, fissioning components into a super-critical mass. So it is possible Griffin, and the NG Channel, were ordered to include this implosion statement, as an “homage” to what really took out the WTC!

Then the several “experiments” depicted, and the “expert” opinions of several pro-OCT people, are hardly even worth noting. The experiments were thoroughly irrelevant to the WTC event! They included shooting a projectile at a set of thin, supposedly concrete slabs (not thick steel as was the outer structure of the towers), and some conventional building demolition. There was also a steel beam softening experiment. Fire in open air was claimed to have reached a temperature of over 2000 degrees F., and led to the beam buckling. Of course, this is irrelevant for many reasons. The open air was not what was happening regarding the towers, where any alleged jet fuel was 1.expended in the outside explosions, and whose smoke color--black--denoted a low temperature fire inside the oxygen deprived area. The claim that the shock of impact took off all asbestos coating on the beams, is also ludicrous; and obviously both necessary for the regime’s position, and an outright lie. Yes, all these “experiments” and the comments made by the OCT supporting stooges were ludicrous and irrelevant to the WTC set of events!

As already noted, there appears to have been much included here at a deep level for those who have studied my works as here: At one point, a night-time flyover the new WTC area shows the three largest buildings remaining in a row. They all have pyramids on their tops. And they are aligned similarly to both the Giza pyramids, and what those are modeled after-- the Orion belt stars.

Numerous other Intel stooges are paraded out as “journalists or “historians.” These assets claim basically that there has never been a conspiracy, beyond what the Regime states happened. The Pearl Harbor set-up, the Kennedy Assassination, and 9/11 are all stated to only have occurred exactly in the impossible manners that the regime has declared for each one. Of course, one glaring omission by these stooges, in claiming that “Oswald alone did it”--in violation of the inviolable Law of Conservation of Momentum, as Kennedy is slammed backward against the momentum of the claimed incoming bullet from behind him--is the fact that the Regime itself said there was at least another shooter when the House Assassinations Committee, in the late 1970’s, released its report.

So basically the Regime jumped on this chance to not only try to shoot down “9/11 Truth,” but also the truth of the Pearl Harbor set-up, and the Kennedy Assassination. Indeed I have noted here before, that even the Pearl Harbor set-up was acknowledged by no less than President Richard Nixon, that President Roosevelt knew ahead of time, and set it up to happen. This was included in a book by Daniel Ellsberg, “Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.” So these regime “journalists” and “historians,” as well as the “experts” and their “experiments,” did not recite a single word of truth during this 2-hour “special.” Neither alas did the bogus “truthers”: Gage, Jones, Avery, and Griffin. This is standard for the somewhat clever way the Intel agencies work, in putting out several bogus hangouts to appear to be the only possibilities for some dastardly deed perpetrated by the Regime. Then they get them to “war” with each other publicly. But probably they later go out celebrating together at Langley or London.

But my “favorite” stooge, who just recited one stupid, ignorant lie after another about 9/11, the JFK Assassination, Pearl Harbor, etc. was David Aaronovitch, who closed the show for NGC. His bio includes the fact that he was awarded the “George Orwell Prize for his political writing in 2001.” Yes Big Brother is proud of this Intel asset for his “journalism.”

But despite all these lies, the people are more and more realizing that the World Trade Center could only have been destroyed by micro-nukes the China Syndrome resulted. And this realization, and the Regime’s fear, are the reasons the Regime put out this ludicrous hit piece on 9/11. And the need for the ludicrous denial of ALL conspiracies, and especially the global conspiracy against Mankind, also indicate that more people are finding out that the Ultimate Conspiracy leads to a set of knowledge that they fear would enrage Mankind so much that an uprising would attempt to eradicate those in control of Mankind, and their agents/lackeys--some dozen or so of which (on “both” sides) were depicted in this risible TV show, posing as “journalism.”

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