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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

9/11 Truth Flow Chart: Leaving the Bogus Hangouts, and Arriving At The Ultimate Truth of 9/11

by The Anonymous Physicist

Step 1.
A. If you can’t think, or can’t see, are in denial, or think the U.S. Gov’t is “God” or is “good”, you accept the impossible “planes/jet fuel/ gravitational collapse” caused by 19 Arabs hijacking jets and flying them expertly into the World Trade Center towers.

B. If you are not blind, deaf, dumb, or in denial about the nature of the U.S. Regime, and what actually happened on 9/11, go to Step 2.

Step 2. You can see that this is no “gravitational collapse.” You can see, and hear, the massive outward explosions. You know that many laws of Physics would be violated by everything the Regime says happened. From the alleged plane crashes showing zero interaction physics, for both the tower and the plane, to the “collapses” violating Newton’s laws, the laws of thermodynamics (entropy), among other laws, you know the Gov’t explanation is an impossible, ludicrous, and cruel set of hoaxes. You see and realize that massive explosions were involved. You go to any of the steps 3-7.

Step 3.
A. The realization (video, audio) of explosions takes you to the “thermite hypothesis”. This is the one that most secret, Intel-run 9/11 truth websites, forums, etc. were set up to take people to. A desperate set of lies and omissions keeps many people stuck here. The Intel agencies have a massive set of Intel-controlled scientists, engineers and architects to lie or omit many facts of the towers’ destruction, and the aftermath. Due to clever censorship, especially by the Intel-run 9/11, and general conspiracy, websites and forums, you may not learn about all the lies and omissions of the thermite hypothesizers, and remain in this camp.

B. OR you know that some half of the 3000 people were vaporized, and that much of the interior contents of the towers were also vaporized. OR you learn that the rubble pile had temperatures of greater than a thousand degrees for some two months afterwards, and that underneath the towers and WTC, flowing, molten metal was seen up to six months after 9/11. OR you learn the background of the thermite hypothesizer, and find out how he was inserted to try to destroy the cold fusion alternative energy field in its infancy, in 1989. (Cold fusion works.) Or you read his 9/11 papers, and either know enough to spot all the lies, or read online articles from the Anonymous Physicist, or other sources, pointing out all these lies. You know that his claim for “unextingushable fires” from any form of thermite, including “super nano-composite thermite” is a bogus, limited hangout. You know some other source of energy must account for all this great heat during WTC destruction, and for six months after 9/11. You go to step 4 or step 5.

Step 4.
A. There is a continuing claim by one engineer, and some “supporters”, that “Directed Energy Weapons” took down the towers, and caused the anomalies in the rubble pile for months afterwards. This group is composed of people who correctly pointed out that the videos of the “plane crashes” are only CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) of impossible crash physics. Only a handful of likely Intel agents and their followers remain stuck here.

B. You soon realize that there is no evidence whatsoever that “DEW” was used on 9/11. The proponent changes her mind about where the source of the beams came from. She, or her followers, variously claim beams from space, or powered by a hurricane 500 miles away, or by a charlatan’s “effect” might be the energy source. Or you learn that all the phenomena she claims for DEW are really explainable only by small nuclear bombs, and the China Syndrome Aftermath. Or you realize this is another Intel hangout when she claims there was no heat during tower destruction, or anytime afterwards. Go to Nuclear Scenarios: Step 5, or Step 6 or Step 7.

Step 5.
A. You realize that only small nuclear bombs could have vaporized so much of the towers including over 1400 people. You learn that a Finnish Military expert wrote that a single pure fusion, 4th generation nuclear device brought down each tower and you accept that, as he cites the tritium found by Gov’ scientists in the rubble pile.

B. OR you realize that this nuclear destruction mechanism, not being fission, cannot account for the great heat underneath the towers, and in the rubble pile for up to six months after 9/11. Go to Step 6, or Step 7.

C. OR you realize that the one nuclear explosion as an upwardly focused, shape-charge-like event does not account for the early nuclear explosion timed with the alleged plane hits, and cannot account for the top-bottom destruction scenario seen. Go directly to Step 7.

Step 6.
A. One scientist’s claim that there were massive, hidden, nuclear reactors underneath the towers that provided for ternary fission, and tritium production, and the China Syndrome of great heat GENERATING radioactive elements that were remnants of the alleged reactor cores. You remain here, OR

B. You realize that one upwardly focused, shape-charge-like event does not account for the early nuclear explosion timed with the alleged pane hits, and cannot account for the top-bottom destruction scenario seen. OR you know that nuclear reactors cannot explode like a nuclear bomb, and cause the vaporization and other nuclear effects. OR you realize that many things claimed in the massive reactor hypothesis are wrong. Such as the claim that all the nuclear fission elements are used up in fission bombs, when it is only 1-6%. You go to Step 7.

Step 7.
Numerous small nuclear fission bombs caused the destruction of the towers, WTC7, and several other WTC buildings. The 94% remainder of fission elements, supposedly U-235 with a half-life of some 700 million years, accounts for the heat generation via The China Syndrome Aftermath effect. Tritium was produced in just the right amounts via ternary fission during nuclear criticality implosion. Numerous hypothesized effects, detailed by the Anonymous Physicist, including fratriciding, and fizzling, explain the early failed destruction of WTC7, and the locations of the heat generating sources in many locations in the general rubble pile, and the even greater heat sources underneath the towers and WTC7. The Anonymous Physicist’s citing of victims with melted hanging skin, detailed smallest dust particle size analysis--lied about by both the regime’s “collapse” theorists, and the thermite hypothesizer--make clear that only nuclear bombs could account for such small particle size, and the need to lie about them. No conventional explosive, whether nano-thermite, thermobarics, or other, can account for vaporized steel--not during tower destruction, nor the flowing molten steel, six months later underneath the towers. No phenomena during WTC destruction, nor in the six-month aftermath, is left unexplained in the scenario put forth by the Anonymous Physicist.

His background also lends credence. Instead of being an obvious Intel agent/plant, or someone who ever even worked for the Gov’t, he has revealed that he has been brutally assaulted, and mercury poisoned by the “American Gestapo regime” for previously demonstrating that President Kennedy’s “protector”/driver, William Greer turned around twice, first accidentally shooting Connally, then bringing the limo to a standstill and blowing President Kennedy’s head half off. The Anonymous Physicist has stated, from the outset, that just as the JFK Assassination field is comprised almost totally of bogus, secret, Intel agents or assets posing as “researchers”, the 9/11 truth field is similarly comprised of Intel assets posing as “truthers.”

The Anonymous Physicist has shown how the 9/11 event is part of a long, devious set of events perpetrated by those in control of Mankind for a long time. He has revealed what their horrific, ultimate aims are. Just as his 9/11 nuclear scenario accounts for all observed events, his other research accounts for much of Mankind’s sad history, and the coming likely, nightmarish, final scenario--unless Man acts imminently.

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