Humint Events Online: Video of Cruise Missile Fly-Bys? The Most Likely Scenario of All For the Bogus, Televised 9/11 “Plane Hits”

Friday, September 04, 2009

Video of Cruise Missile Fly-Bys? The Most Likely Scenario of All For the Bogus, Televised 9/11 “Plane Hits”

by The Anonymous Physicist

This video --if genuine-- contains the most likely and the most logical event which the PTB were to use the media for portraying as “plane hits” on 9/11. What may have really been flying by, as the South Tower was exploded on top, is most clearly seen near the end of this video, in frame-by-frame analysis.

The long cylindrical bodies (again if genuine) are a best fit for the profiles of cruise-type missiles. There appears to be some disinformation in the video itself, as it attempts to claim the cylindrical, fly-by bodies are fighter jets. But that claim does not fit the video we see. Likewise the long, thin cylindrical bodies seen do not fit the visual profile for birds either. So if the video is genuine, the scenario of missiles flying by (and witnessed by some) appears to be what happened, as explosions were set off in the tower.

Now logical analyses have previously been offered by myself, and others. The logical analysis has two components. First the planned use for the bogus “plane hits.” Second is the logical analysis for what actually was employed to simulate the “plane hits.” Now for the first aspect. The PTB needed the “jets crashing into the towers” for its “jet fuel,” and to wage an indefinite “War on Terrorism.” It would be the ludicrous “jet fuel hypothesis” that would be used for everything from initiating the towers’ “collapses”--despite the fact that 1. it couldn’t, and 2. all the evidence indicates micro-nukes destroyed the towers, to the near simultaneous sub-basement explosion that left Felipe David, and others, with melted hanging skin, to the six-month long high heat in the rubble pile and underneath the towers that can only be explained as a China Syndrome Aftermath. Just as impossible as the jet fuel melting, or weakening the tower structure, or causing the six-month long high heat under the WTC, are the “resultant plane shaped holes” and what I called the zero interaction physics during the “crash” displayed by BOTH the tower and the “plane.”

The second logical aspect has been elucidated for some time, first I believe by Gerard Holmgren. I will offer my own quick summary. Real planes, OR missiles, hitting the towers could not be used because anything actually hitting the towers would interfere with the shape charges, which were set to create the impossible “Boeing jet shaped holes” for the masses. And even flybys might be better facilitated by cruise missiles, as fighter jets would be piloted by someone who might change his mind (and obviate the eyewitnessed flyby), or be more likely to cause an accident, or need to be eliminated later. Programming a cruise missile was a lot easier, and could have been done months earlier without any foreknowledge of what they would later be used for. Such missiles were likely the entities flying by both towers, as shape charges were set off in the towers.

But we should never lose sight of the most important aspects of the 9/11 American Gov’t Terrorist Act, to get the American people, and the people of the world, to learn and hopefully act upon: The towers were nuked, most of its human inhabitants were vaporized, and the resultant China Syndrome Aftermath has been killing some of the 40,000 responders and Metro New York residents with types of cancer (blood, lymph, thyroid) that are most likely due to radiation exposure--and not inhalation of toxins.

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