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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Modus Operandi for Fake Apollo “Moon Rocks”

by The Anonymous Physicist

The recent news story on how the U.S. regime gave a fake (Apollo 11) lunar rock to the Dutch Gov’t is part of a larger tale of NASA fakery. Of course, I have previously detailed that the entire Apollo program was laughably bogus.

I have also detailed that NASA itself is a thoroughly military enterprise devoted to one main goal-- given away by its initial logo, “through hardship, to the stars.” Its goal has always been to try to find a way through the Quarantine, allowing our Cosmic Criminal Creators to escape Earth, and return to their origin of the Orion region.

But let me now offer a more complete understanding of the specific issue of fake Moon rocks. While the Dutch “Moon rock” story noted that “The museum had vetted the moon rock with a phone call to NASA”, the photo of the alleged Moon rock clearly shows what it is-- petrified wood. This is such a bad fake -- unlike most other fake Apollo “moon rocks” that this is another likely example of MITOP (Made It Transparent On Purpose). So likely this one was meant to eventually be exposed for what it is.

Now what about the rest of the fake “Apollo Moon rocks”? I have addressed this issue several times in the past, and I will also have info I did not discuss previously. I have cited that one of the possible “interfacers” with those in charge of mankind, was a physicist who was Carl Sagan’s boss during the U.S. military’s plan to nuke the far side of the Moon in the 1950’s. This was Dr. Leonard Reiffel. But I detailed how he was also in charge of so much other “Science” in the USA. This included many “Lunar” matters. Supposedly including “laser reflectors” that the Apollo AstroNOTs “left” on the lunar surface, and the matter of the “Apollo Moon rocks.” I have detailed that one way to create rocks that are different from anything on earth is to use bombardment with sub-atomic particles (neutrons and others) that would cause atoms to transmute to either other elements, or other isotopes of the original element. This has been possible since the 1940’s with cyclotrons or particle accelerators.

But there is another intricate method that may be involved. It may contain many levels of fakery or limited hangout. This is that since the 1980’s, NASA and supposedly independent scientists have claimed that Antarctica contains many rocks that are meteorites whose origin is the Moon, and even Mars. Wikipedia notes that, “It is now accepted by the scientific community that rocks have been ejected from both the Martian and lunar surface during impact events, and that some of these have landed on the Earth in the form of Martian and lunar meteorites.” Here’s where the fun and intertwined limited hangouts get going. The Antarctic meteorites were “proven to be of lunar origin” when they were compared to “Apollo Lunar Rocks.” But what if the inverse is true? Even the Wiki piece notes that there was a strange trip to Antarctica in 1967, by Wernher von Braun and other NASA scientists and personnel. The reasons given for von Braun’s going are obviously specious. He was a rocket scientist, not a geologist.

As an aside, there was also the strange Antarctic expedition of Admiral Byrd in 1946-7, called Operation High Jump. The U.S. Navy sent some 4700 servicemen, 13 ships and numerous aircraft. Claimed explanations of this expedition include finding high-level Nazi war criminals (all the way up to Adolf) to recovering UFO saucer craft. Perhaps this article now suggests another possible reason for the trip. It’s never too early to recover rocks that can be claimed to be from the Moon.

Let’s return to the notorious von Braun. He was a Nazi, and worked closely with the Gestapo in the use of slave labor in producing the V-2 for the German Nazis. (A brief, bogus Gestapo arrest may be an early part of his legend.) Most of the human beings/slaves who worked at Peenemünde were starved and worked to death, and often tortured. Von Braun was really a war criminal, and of particular notice to me is his bogus “death bed confession” to a strange character. Von Braun’s last statement--according to Carol Rosin--was that the whole alien matter is bogus. All that this shows is just how important it is to the PTB to lie about this most important of issues: that all of Mankind must learn about. Carol Rosin claims the ultimate thing von Braun “warned” about is “what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."

It seems clear that the cancer-ridden, invalided von Braun was controlled in his last days by Rosin.

Rosin’s Wiki piece includes “She is a former spokesperson for Wernher von Braun and has consulted to a number of companies, organizations, government departments and the intelligence community.” (I have detailed what it means when someone like “Disclosure Project” and Project Orion, head Stephen Greer, M.D., states that he “lectured to the CIA director.”) Rosin co-founded the “Institute for Cooperation in Space” [ICIS], along with none other than leading “Exo-politician”, Alfred Webre. I have detailed that the purpose of the Exo-politics field is to claim 1. that aliens or UFOs are real, but are only “out there”, and not down here in control of Mankind for eons, and 2. That they are likely good--leave ‘em alone, cooperate with ‘em. All to hide the truth of the Quarantine and related matters. Here Webre states that he supports the “DEW hypothesis” for WTC destruction on 9/11, and that Dr. Judy Wood “proved” that DEW did it. All the while, of course, all Judy Wood did was show photos, provide baby talk, and use all the evidence that the WTC was nuked and that the China Syndrome resulted, and claim if for the ludicrous, evidence-free DEW hypothesis. Webre went on to claim that ultimate responsibility for 9/11 went to Zionists--the usual scapegoats for what is devised out of Langley, London, Rome and beyond.

Rosin’s and Webre’s ICIS Board includes Lunar AstroNOT, Edgar Mitchell. When leading Apollo Hoax researcher/demonstrator, Bart Sibrel confronted Mitchell about the Apollo fakery, he was booted out.

Mitchell’s son can be overheard asking the father, “Want to call the CIA and have him waxed?” As Sibrel sped off after also being threatened with being shot, by one of the Michells, no reply is heard. So much for the allegedly sweet, New Age, “Noetics-ologist”, astroNOT, and ICIS Board member, Edgar Mitchell.

It seems that one of von Braun’s professors was more honest (at least) about the alien matter, than was von Braun. Hermann Oberth, along with Goddard and Tsiolkovsky, was one of the pioneers of rocketry. (Curiously, Oberth also worked as consultant in making one of the first films of future space travel under Fritz Lang. The inverse countdown depicted in the 1929 German film, “Frau Im Mond [Woman In the Moon] continues to this day.) In 1954, he said, “It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. I think that they possibly are manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been investigating our earth for centuries..."

So anyone associated with von Braun and/or his “death bed confessor” is not to be trusted. And von Braun’s 1967 trip to Antarctica was some form of hangout, as was Byrd’s 1946 Operation High Jump. And the Antarctic “lunar meteorites,” and the “Apollo Lunar Rocks” can be seen as being used either way--one “vouching” for the other, depending on which legend they wish to use. Now it is improbable, that rocks getting blasted off the Moon would overcome lunar gravity, and then “find their way” to the Earth, and then survive atmospheric burn up. But it is not impossible. But the way Antarctica is being used, seemingly exclusively for this, also gives pause.

Then there is the Mars issue. If the bogus Apollo Lunar Rocks are vetting the “Antarctic Lunar Rocks”, what is being used to vet the “Antarctic Mars Rocks”? That is, since we don’t claim to have any rocks taken from the surface of Mars, how can they be sure, or even claim, they have “Antarctic Mars Rocks”?

I should note that due to the much greater distance, it is even more improbable that Mars rocks (compared to the alleged Antarctic Moon rocks) would find their way to the Earth, and then survive the heat of entry. But it is not totally impossible. Perhaps I see the real reason for the Antarctic aspect. Due to its remoteness, and near-“Quarantine” for most of Antarctica, only the larger nations--and really their Gov’ts-- have access to the interior of Antarctica! This makes it easy to fake something, as only Gov’t-approved scientists are “finding” these claimed Mars rocks, and Moon rocks. So it is really an easy task, if so desired, for the same (Intel) people to have control of alleged “Apollo Moon rocks,” and “Antarctic Moon rocks,” and “Antarctic Mars rocks.” It’s also easy to plant them, or use them, wherever and however they chose. And all these rocks could be made/processed in a nuclear physics lab, as noted above.

Or, here is my prediction: the “Antarctic Mars Rocks” will end up being used to vouch for the return of “NASA’s Mars Rocks” from some bogus, future mission to Mars by Earth AstroNOTs. And vice versa, as needed. Yes, the Laws of Physics, logic and temporal sequencing can be ignored in the brainwashing of Mankind by the PTB, our quarantined CCCs.

But I must ask, if individuals go off to jail for claiming to have (and sell) “Apollo Lunar Rocks”, shouldn’t American Gov’t officials also be thrown in jail for the same scam? Should not the Dutch Gov’t charge the American Gov’t officials with this racket? Should all the “scientists” claiming to do research on “Apollo Lunar Rocks” be charged with fraud, and even a RICO crime, as they are part of a large criminal enterprise? Maybe then, the larger conspiracy would more easily be realized by the masses, if these bogus scientists admitted their fraud. I should note what transpired when perhaps the first well-known, Apollo Hoax Exposer, Bill Kaysing, sent a private investigator, Paul Jacobs, to “ask the head of the U.S Dept. of Geology in Washington about the 'moon rocks'. He asked: Did you examine the Moon rocks; did they really come from the Moon? The geologist simply laughed and insinuated that people high in the US government knew all about the cover-up.” Paul Jacobs and his wife died from cancer within 90 days of that meeting--the Jack Ruby treatment. Also the Richard Feynman treatment, after he exposed the truth of the Challenger disaster. Who knows how many others got this treatment, or worse? Word gets around. Like the Apollo AstroNOTs themselves getting the message of the Apollo One fire, whereby NASA burned the three astronauts alive, so that the others would go along with the coming hoax.

Now rocks, per se, can’t talk. But if there were any fearless, genuine scientists exposing the fake Apollo Lunar rocks via physical analysis, it would not be hard to succeed in a genuine court of law. The above indicates that the U.S. regime would not allow such a proof to be seen by Mankind. Bill Kaysing tried. In 1997, he sued Lunar AstroNOT, James Lovell (“Houston, We Have A Problem”) for libel, in a Santa Cruz, California County Court; after Lovell publicly called Kaysing “wacky.” The Judge, Samuel Stevens, granted Lovell’s attorney, John Paul Hardy, a motion for summary judgment in 1999. Kaysing had acted as his own attorney. So an American jury never got the case, as they did in the matters of the Assassination of President Kennedy (E. Howard Hunt appeals trial) and the Rev. Martin Luther King civil trial. In both those cases, an American jury ruled that the U.S “Government” and/or its thug agents were guilty. I am convinced that an American jury--upon seeing and learning of all the evidence--would convict the U.S. Regime of fraud, and worse, for the Apollo hoax.

Will the Dutch Gov’t sue the U.S. regime; will anyone try to sue NASA for the Apollo Hoax? Or for far more insidious crimes that NASA commits? The Apollo Hoax case is totally winnable with the testimony of any honest physicist! The alleged Apollo Hoax debunking websites from the bad astronomy astronomer, Hoagland, Clavius etc. are all easily themselves debunked point by point, by any honest physicist. Some lies are blatantly obvious, others are tedious and more clever. I did this for myself, but do not have the time or health to write this up completely. It also reaches the point--if readers do not reciprocate when asked--that I will leave this to some other honest physicist. But is there any one with the guts to delineate the debunking of all the bogus debunking “points?” Some of the books and videos on the Apollo Hoax do quote legitimate scientists, but would they go to court? Is there an attorney out there with the guts to take on the federal regime for this one matter? Will all the “Apollo Moon rocks” crumble under the light of day? Will any geologist who “worked on” these rocks, leave the truth of the “Apollo Moon rocks” at least in his/her will, or such? Would any media publish such an “epiphany”?

Now my favorite “debunking point” (after the hypergolic fuel excuse for not having any rocket exhaust as the LM “lifts off”) is from the Clavius site as I recall. It claimed that the Lunar (Non-)Rover left no tire tracks (in either direction) in one or more photos because the astroNOTs picked IT up and carried IT (instead of vice versa), when it came upon a rock in the road!

Or was it a petrified forest, a piece of which would later be presented to the Dutch Gov’t?

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