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Friday, August 28, 2009

Health Care-- the Final Stand

Hard to argue with this:
So I am done. It is this fight, or nothing. We have been asked to put up with war crimes, because "moving forward" is the more conciliatory path. We have been asked to stomach the politicization of the highest offices in our system of justice, because investigating it would be divisive. Time and time again we have asked for nothing more than our government to enforce its own goddamned laws, or to take action against the worst and most corrupt abusers of its citizens, whether done by government or by balance sheet, and we have gotten between nothing and jack-squat in return. We have gotten worse than nothing: we have gotten corporate immunity for lawbreakers, we have gotten tacit approval of the methods of murdering thugs, we have set in stone the notion that there is absolutely no corporate fuckup so damaging to the economy of the entire nation that it would result in substantive regulatory restraints.

No more. This fight is the last and final test; whether or not our leaders are so corrupt as to be irredeemable should be easily gleanable by whether or not they are able to bring themselves to even try on this, the one fight that every last one of them has supposedly been saving their strength for. It is this or nothing, and I will be damn proud, at the end of it, to abandon those who have so completely abandoned us.


Blogger nickname said...

The feelings expressed in the article are understandable. However,
the exact same things (or even worse) could have been said 50 years ago, 100 years ago, even 200 years

Progress, especially in a democratic republic, comes very slowly, by degrees.

Be angry, be disappointed, even judgmental, but remember that the most important things take time.
Ask anyone that knows the history of blacks in this country.

10:05 AM  

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