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Thursday, August 27, 2009

9/11 Truth-- Still Reason for Optimism

It's easy to say that 9/11 truth is dead, etc. But there are a couple of reasons to be positive. First, polls show Americans that question the official story are steadily increasing in numbers. Second, is something that occurred to me yesterday. I have been blogging about 9/11 for five years now. But I started reading blogs six to seven years ago, and the blogs I read most were ones complaining about the media-- in particular conservative bias in the media. Now how much traction has that argument gotten in the past six year? How much has the media really changed in the past six years? Not a lot. My point is that these things take time, and taking on conservative bias in the media is not a lot different from taking on anti-9/11 inside job bias in the media -- in terms of the magnitude of the task. I'm not saying these issues are the same, just that both face similar major institutional hurdles, and it just takes time and a lot of effort to really make a difference.

Now, to some extent, 9/11 "truth" is as dead as it ever was right now. But this is not because there is no popular sentiment, but because there is no major breakthrough to rally around.* But that could change in an instant. And people need to keep the faith, and spreading the word however they can.

I have written that the whole government is fundamentally corrupt, and we need a fresh start to get real justice and to really keep the evil away. And for that, I am pessimistic. A real revolution is too hard and people are still too comfortable with the status quo and afraid of major change (for various reasons, myself included).

But nonetheless, I still think there is much hope to change public awareness of 9/11 (and other conspiracies) and importantly to change the media.

*(No, I don't consider "thermite chips" in WTC dust to be a breakthrough!)


Blogger nickname said...

What's the basis for your hope?

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Polygraph test results admissible as evidence in courts worldwide.

12:25 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

If 9/11 truth is indeed concomitant with faux conservatism's downfall in the media, then there is good cause for hope. The douchebags and their idiocy have been exposed and are taking a real pasting.

8:21 AM  

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