Humint Events Online: Swine Flu Warnings

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swine Flu Warnings

The H1N1 flu could infect half of all Americans this winter and kill up to 90,000, they are predicting.

Honestly, I would say just take normal precautions against getting sick. I doubt the vaccine is going to be anything major to worry about-- scientists have been making flu vaccines for many years and I see no reason to freak out over this one. I would only panic if they start having forced vaccinations, which I really doubt will happen.

I think I already had this bug earlier-- back in June. It was nasty, and I could see it killing people not in good health. Personally, I only tend to get the flu if I am rundown-- overly stressed and overly active for a long period. While it's fine to say to avoid stress and so forth, it's hard to avoid real life too.

But the bottom line is I don't think this is the "aporkalypse".

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