Humint Events Online: One of The Greatest and Funniest Hangouts Of All Time: The Bogus Heist of the Bogus “Apollo Moon Rocks”

Thursday, September 03, 2009

One of The Greatest and Funniest Hangouts Of All Time: The Bogus Heist of the Bogus “Apollo Moon Rocks”

by The Anonymous Physicist

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder from the PTB, and their Intel agency stooges, we have this tale. In 2002, several, young, NASA interns allegedly stole a top security safe from under NASA’s noses, eyes, and ears. The 600 pound stolen safe contained--here it comes--an alleged treasure trove of “Apollo Moon rocks” and Mars meteorites (presumably from Antarctica.) Later, it was claimed that the 600-pound safe only contained 10 ounces of this material. This remarkable tale of four workers defeating NASA’s latest security measures, and then two having sex “on the Apollo Moon rocks” is not for the weak-hearted. Intelligent folks will laugh themselves to death with this Op.

The young “genius” ringleader posted the proposed sale of his Moon rocks on the internet, which resulted in a Belgian rockhound cooperating with the FBI. They arranged a meeting and sale, for a cool $2 million. Instead he met with what turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. When, you ask, did this hopeful sale and actual sting take place? Why naturally on July 20, 2002. Exactly 33 years, to the day that Apollo 11 AstroNOTs first did not walk on the Moon.

More info and a timeline on the heist, and especially the aftermath is here. Search for this article: “Loss of NASA work surfaces at trial,” and you will find the coveted second 33 for this tale. Allegedly, missing was “33 years of NASA research from Johnson Space Center…[in] clothbound journals, the work of NASA Senior Scientist Everett K. Gibson Jr. on the origins of the universe [no less].” Searching on Dr. Gibson reveals he is an “expert” on the possibility of life on Mars. He is not only one of the ones who claimed that some Antarctic rocks are from Mars, but that they also show signs of “relic” microbial life.

Two males and two females were arrested in the NASA theft. The four culprits were mostly interns/students. Included were Thad Roberts (ringleader), Gordon McWhorter (the only non-intern and the only one to go to trial as he pled innocent), Tiffany Fowler, and Shae Saur. The two women who pled guilty had hoped to be either astronauts or astroNOTs. Now they can be neither! The women got probation, while the men got somewhat lengthy jail terms. Roberts’ was later reduced. The trial included placing a monetary value on these “Moon rocks.” $50,800 per gram in 1973 dollars was agreed upon, at trial, with a total value of some $7 million for “now worthless” rocks and lost notes. Note several important matters in my estimation. It allows for NASA to claim that they lost the chain of custody “from the moment the samples were taken from the Moon by the AstroNOTS.” So if someone proves the “Moon rocks” are bogus--why it’s Thad’s fault. And they threw in the alleged Mars Meteorites as well. So if someone proves these came from a more terrestrial site, why “it’s Thad’s fault again.” Why that Thad practically destroyed the whole Universe in losing or altering Everett Gibson’s 33-year quest for the Holy Grail of life “somewhere else.”

IMO, this Op shows that perhaps there’s no legend greater when trying to fake that something is real, than to have dupes going to great lengths to steal it; and then getting a FEDERAL court, and a FEDERAL judge, and a FEDERAL prosecutor to decide some great value for these alleged Moon rocks.

Let’s look more closely at ringleader Thad. He had his own page at the NASA JSC [Johnson Space center] Cooperative Education Program website. Shades of Lee Harvey, the Utah-born undergrad student was studying Russian. He was getting prepared for “receiving Martian rock samples.” He had all kinds of fun interning at NASA’s JSC. He was “able to break real Apollo moon rocks and catalog them.” Note the inclusion of the word “real.” He’s a pilot and a scuba diver, with a beautiful wife--but that wasn’t whom he later had sex with “on the rocks.” Curiously this amateur astronomer wrote of the astronomical entities he favored and viewed. Somehow he couldn’t correctly write the Dumbell Nebula, and his page calls it the Dunbell Nebula. Was this just a typo, or something deeper?

What you ask is Thad up to these days, now that he got out of jail last year? His page says it is being redirected to Clicking on that yields this Why Thad is now a grad student at the U of Utah, and (naturally) he has come up with his own Holy Grail or theory of the Universe. It’s his 11-Dimensional Quantum Space Theory [QST]. His QST explains and predicts… well, everything (naturally.) It is a version or rip-off of Superstring Theory. One wonders with all the highfalutin Physics, Astronomy and some Math, if Thad ever figured out, or was told, that the “Apollo Moon rocks” were not? But his new QST site claims that NASA itself had labeled the samples he stole as “trash” because they were “contaminated” by scientific testing. His grandiose page, “Who is Thad Roberts anyway?” leads to links for two lists: “things done” and “things to do.” His “things done” list reveals the answer to my question above. He states that he has “touched the moon and made love on the Moon.” So he believes, or is still pretending to believe, that he actually had real Moon rocks in his possession. And his to-do list indicates he thinks he, or Man, can go to the Moon.

Note to Thad from this Anonymous Physicist. Wake up and welcome to the Quarantine! Forgive me, for it’s been “more than 33 years” of thinking and researching, but I think that is the beginning of real knowledge about the Earth and Mankind. That and this research may only get you mercury poisoning and other monstrosities, but I’d rather go to my grave this way, then be an Intel stooge. Or does anyone believe this lunacy about stealing “Lunar rocks” from under NASA’s high tech security, and 33 years of “lost” research, and trying to sell the rocks on the 33rd anniversary of not landing on the Moon?

Poor Thad. Forget the 11 (Dimensions), and just learn to look out for the 33’s! I’ll help you out. Drop your list of “important things to do.” They are mostly meaningless. Instead study the peace-giver. This man had wealth, power, fame, women--the things you aspire to. Yet he chose to give it all up to fight the Powers That Be on Mankind’s behalf. Study also what was done to me, 40 years later, merely for revealing the Ultimate Truth of how his own fake protector killed him.

Instead of being a dupe for future Ops, (though it’s hard to top stealing fake Moon rocks), fight them from the inside, if that’s where you are. Use your energies to expose them, hell destroy them if you can. Nothing greater could you do with your life, than fight the good fight against Man’s evil enslavers. Then you will know why the Apollo Program was a Hoax, and a Quarantine was necessary to eternally entrap these evil beings who are in charge of NASA, and most other things here. But President Kennedy came close to smashing them. Use your intellect, that you seem so proud of, to figure out how to defeat them. Then you will have lived the best life possible, and you can smile before you die, as your to-do list proclaims.

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