Humint Events Online: 9/11 Video Fakery Lives On

Thursday, September 03, 2009

9/11 Video Fakery Lives On

"Outrage after ad surfaces showing 9/11 attacks - with dozens of planes".

Dang, the video is already pulled from Youtube! I watched it once then went to download and it was gone. Hopefully someone else saved it.

It showed the WTC from the southwest, and then the first hit, with a small very fast moving plane-- then an explosion on the North tower similar to the official explosion. Then there was a fade-out and then the second hit-- showing the plane coming in similar to the official path and hitting the south face of the south tower. The plane hit at a slightly different but close to the official spot, and there was a big explosion from the south and west faces of the tower. Of course there was no explosion on the west face on 9/11. But after the second hit, they showed multiple large Boeing-like planes heading for the WTC, with buzzing noises for the engines. Pretty creepy. Then it ended, with a message about tsunamis killing more people than 9/11 and to respect the planet.


Blogger pteranodon said...

A picture speaks volumes on 9/11 plane crash or plane miss?

a 2nd look at tv close up 911:

6:47 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

thanks for the videos-- though the second higher quality one doesn't seem to show the fly-by.

but I think the fly-by explanation is best. I'll be posting something on this later today...

7:59 AM  
Blogger pteranodon said...

A couple of YouTuber's comments on the original (2nd) video:

"The video fades the white before you see outside; this is an edit to me in the footage. There's something suspect about this video but I would think there would be a delay in broadcast"

"Look alsoat frame 28-29 there's an object to the right at the height of the plane strike moving fast to the right. Is this a plane or an editing mistake?"

5:11 PM  

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