Humint Events Online: In Case You Thought Americans Couldn't Get More Degenerate

Friday, September 04, 2009

In Case You Thought Americans Couldn't Get More Degenerate

Private security guards at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul were pressured to participate in naked pool parties and perform sex acts to gain promotions or assignment to preferable shifts, according to one of 12 guards who have gone public with their complaints.
One email from a current guard describes scenes in which guards and supervisors are "peeing on people, eating potato chips out of [buttock] cracks, vodka shots out of [buttock] cracks (there is video of that one), broken doors after drnken [sic] brawls, threats and intimidation from those leaders participating in this activity...." Photograph after photograph shows guards--including supervisors--at parties in various stages of nudity, sometimes fondling each other. These parties take place just a few yards from the housing of other supervisors.
This deviancy is straight out of some of the most sickening chapters in history. Really, like WTF? Is there any more evidence of fucked up these times are? And we're doing this in a Muslim country, where we are supposed to be setting a good example?


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