Humint Events Online: State-Sanctioned Executions Without Trial: Another Gift of 9/11

Sunday, September 20, 2009

State-Sanctioned Executions Without Trial: Another Gift of 9/11

...back in November 2001... the Washington Post reported that Bush had signed an executive order giving himself the power to order the killing of anyone he arbitrarily designated a terrorist. Year after year, I wrote of how this murderous edict was put into practice around the world, and of its virulently corrosive effects on American society. Now Barack Obama is availing himself of these same powers. There is not one crumb, one atom, one photon of difference between Obama and Bush on this issue. They both believe that the president of the United States can have people killed outside of any semblance of a judicial process: murdered, in cold blood, in sneak attacks, with any "collateral damage" regarded as an acceptable by-product – just like the terrorists they claim to be fighting with these methods.

Nor does this doctrine of presidential murder make any distinction between American citizens and foreigner.
What can we do but howl in outrage in cyberspace, at this evil monstrosity that has grown and grown since 9/11?


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