Humint Events Online: Taliban Propaganda Versus NYTimes Propaganda

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taliban Propaganda Versus NYTimes Propaganda

Paraphrase of this NYTimes video from their reporter who was held captive by the Taliban--
"The young Taliban men were brainwashed into thinking they were defending Afghanistan from a huge coalition of non-Muslim countries invading their country".
(Emphasis added)

What the FUCK? That is PROPAGANDA-- but the rest of the video referring to the way the young men are obsessed with war and glorify suicide bombers, etc is not? The Taliban are perfectly justified in thinking that they are being invaded by infidels. I'm not saying the Taliban are good guys, but for fuck's sake, they are defending their country. Everything they do, including suicide bombing, makes sense in that context. Then there is this new story that the Taliban want to send suicide bombers to the US. How convenient this potent propaganda meme comes out at a time when the Obama administration is trying to decide whether to escalate in Afghanistan.

This guy, David Rohde, is a fucking intel piece of shit.

Greenwald touches on the pro-Afghan war propaganda issue here.

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