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Sunday, November 22, 2009

"2012": The Movie

It sucked more than I thought it would. It had its moments, especially early on, but it was basically a disappointment. I didn't even see a "33" in it. The graphics were pretty cool-- massive scenes of destruction-- but the action scenes were way over the top. Way too many scenes of ridiculous close-calls. The worst part was the last half hour, which was like a lame remake of the "Poseidon Adventure". Overall I thought their would be more of a conspiracy angle, but the destruction of the earth revolved simply around too much solar activity because of an alignment of the planets. The rest of the movie was about who would survive and how.

Speaking of which:


Anonymous r4 dsi said...

it is a highly appreciable directed movie but in certain scenes we cant believe in their story line up. seems all fake and unbelievable at all. then also for action and picturisation its worth watching once in multiplexes only

6:57 AM  

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