Humint Events Online: Cataloging the WTC2 Hole Anomalies, Part 2

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cataloging the WTC2 Hole Anomalies, Part 2

Part 1 is here.

1) Column on left has odd skeletal remains, looks blasted out; this damage is well above where the wing would have hit. Column on left also looks blasted at bottom, but wing would have hit right at the lower border of the picture, one can see a faint mark there

2) More odd, very irregular damage to these columns-- the leftwards column is sticking down, whereas the right two have been blasted away, including damage to the spandrel plate; it looks like something has taken a bite out of the spandrel plate

3) the most striking part of the hole, to me, is here-- this is supposedly where the engine went in, which would also have been a strong part of the wing. Note the small round hole flanked by busted but NOT SEVERED columns. It is hard to see how, according to the official story, the wing root went in causing so little damage when the outer wing ripped out big chunks of the wall further to the left. A real smoking gun here. Also here is some strange bumpy object on the outside of the wall. Almost looks like a rope with big knots in it. What is this? There actually, oddly enough is something similar in the same place on the WTC1 hole.

4) looks like barely busted in outer columns; again, hard to see how the strong wing root went through here, the official story. Another smoking gun here.

5) the bent structure is most likely a partially collapsed floor; this means there is a huge hole on this side where the engine officially went in. Why such a difference with the other engine hole, which is barely a hole?


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