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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Key Part of Fort Hood Story Bogus

The witness, who asked not to be identified, said Major Hasan wheeled on Sergeant Munley as she rounded the corner of a building and shot her, putting her on the ground. Then Major Hasan turned his back on her and started putting another magazine into his semiautomatic pistol.

It was at that moment that Senior Sgt. Mark Todd, a veteran police officer, rounded another corner of the building, found Major Hasan fumbling with his weapon and shot him.

How the authorities came to issue the original version of the story, which made Sergeant Munley a national hero for several days and obscured Sergeant Todd’s role, remains unclear. (Military officials also said for several hours after the shooting that Major Hasan had been killed, although he had survived.)

Six days after the deadly shooting rampage at a center where soldiers were preparing for deployment, the military has yet to put out a full account of what happened.
I have a feeling they never will put out a full account...

UPDATE: More thoughts on the Hasan story here.


Blogger nickname said...


A Special Investigation into the
tragedy at Ft. Hood will be appointed
and charged with providing a full accounting of what happened.

Dozens of witnesses will be questioned and a final report will
be published, complete with a list
of recommendations for what needs to be done in order to prevent future such attacks.

MSM will proclaim it to be one of the most exhaustive Gov't reports since the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission.

It's major conclusion, that a lone nut was solely responsible, will be said to have been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

DU shills will be thrilled to learn their contracts have been revised and extended.

9:45 AM  
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