Humint Events Online: Jesse Ventura’s Second “Conspiracy Theory” Episode, on The Alleged Global Warming “Scam”

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jesse Ventura’s Second “Conspiracy Theory” Episode, on The Alleged Global Warming “Scam”

Show Claims “It’s All About Money.” But is it really…”All From Above”?

by The Anonymous Physicist

This episode, a few days ago, was an alleged exposé of “The Global Warming Scam.” The show began with the strange looking British “Lord” Christopher Walter Monckton. He declared Global Warming is a scam, and is really about certain individuals making a lot of money. Al Gore was cited as making a billion dollars off mandated industrial changes to be made in the coming years. Lord Monckton stated that one man is mostly responsible for the worldwide scam of Global Warming, and that is Maurice Strong. Now obviously Maurice Strong,, a highly lauded oil-billionaire Canadian, and high U.N. official, is a foul creature. But it is always a great lie to claim to pin things on one man. A similar Psyop is to blame all of WWII on Adolf Hitler, when we later learned that he was really a British Agent, as were Mussolini and Stalin! So everything monstrously evil that occurred in WWII is laid at the doorsteps of the London intelligence agencies and secret societies, not the one man, Adolf Hitler, nor even the Nazis, but rather the ones who gave them their secret orders.

Most of the show then took off with the “sage advice” of Lord Monckton, and began a “desperate world-wide search” to find Maurice Strong— who is “responsible for the Global Warming Scam.” None other than Alex Jones is then brought in solely for his bringing in “someone who can tell us about Maurice Strong, and what the scam is really about.” Now I have previously described here how Alex Jones is obviously an Intel plant who was created by the Intel agencies to fill the void when they were ready to kill Bill Cooper, who was the real thing. On the Ventura show, Jones did not carry on with his usual sickening loud, raspy voice. He toned it way down. Jones tells Ventura, and all of us, that only he, Alex Jones, can deliver the person who has met Maurice Strong and can tell you what Global Warming is really about. Clearly this Tru-TV show needlessly brought on Alex Jones to steer the masses to Jones’ gate-keeping web sites and videos. Jones has never actually exhorted the People to DO anything to counter the PTB. And he has desperately kept the American People from learning that the WTC was nuked, and the China Syndrome resulted.

Jones’ “secret person” who knows what it is all about is George Hunt, an environmentalist. Hunt had met Maurice Strong. The camera zooms in on Hunt as Ventura asks him what Global Warming is really all about. His reply is… “MONEY.” And Ventura is relieved, and this hangout is beamed to all viewers. Of course, my writings have detailed that it is far worse. And we have seen that the PTB can give themselves trillions of dollars (“bailout”) without creating any alleged scams, or having wars. So it is never about “money,” though the PTB will of course use all matters to further enrich their lackeys, including in the matter of Global Warming. But this is put out as a gatekeeping hangout. On Ventura’s show, Hunt goes on to name Maurice Strong and says he is with the Rothschilds. The obviously, nefarious Rothschilds— however evil they are— I have shown are nonetheless themselves sometimes “suicided,” and are what their very name means. They were created to be the “Red Shield” [Rothschild] of the Pope, and are the very public patsies for the evil-doings ordered out of Rome.

Now returning to George Hunt and Alex Jones, it is easy to see that we don’t need to prop up Alex Jones to find George Hunt. Hunt’s website ( has his phone and PO Box. And this video-- -- even gives a street address. Wiki does not have an entry for George Washington Hunt. The TV show left out his middle name, as the PTB apparently use middle names when they want to portray someone as an evil doer, as in the matter of the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald. Of course, one can’t help wonder if GW Hunt is related to either HL Hunt, or E(duardo) Howard Hunt, JFK assassin. But to George Hunt’s credit, the 15 year-old video just cited, actually has some important truths in it. He actually stated, 15 years ago, that the United States is totally owned by Britain!

But this “Conspiracy Theory” show would have everyone believe that there is nothing to Global Warming, other than as a money-making scheme for the elite. Is the deeper goal to try to derail efforts to stop the massive poisoning of the Planet— and of all human beings, and the other life, living on the Planet? How about stopping the poisoning of the planet, and nationalizing all companies that will work on this effort? Or should it end up as the “new” health care bill in the USA apparently is— just another scam to enrich the insurance companies, without a “public option,” as all the other industrial countries have had— some for over a hundred years! And they certainly don’t need Global Warming to move towards their coveted One World Government. As my book and articles have made clear— we actually have had “One World Government” already for 50,000 years! We will soon see that one of the players highlighted on this show may actually demonstrate this.

Let us return to the first interviewee that Ventura had on, to tell us who was in charge of the “GlobalWarming Scam.” This was British “Lord” Monckton. Good ole Alex Jones had this “Lord” on his show recently: Monckton’s wikipedia entry,,_3rd_Viscount_Monckton_of_Brenchley, makes clear that he is a member of the Knights of Malta, and is an Officer of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. The latter appears to be a secret society that may be the remnants of the Knights Templar that was ALLEGEDLY wiped out on Friday the 13th i.e., on October 13, 1307 by order of the French King. But perhaps most telling of the numerous (nefarious) secret society memberships “Lord” Monckton PUBLICLY has, is the “Worshipful Company of Broderers.” The CIA, I mean wikipedia,, says this one goes back to at least 1376. Recall I have written that the most secret of the secret societies is likely to be the most powerful, evil, and controlling of Mankind. Readers know where I have stated everything leads to— the Quarantine ( emplaced around the Earth, trapping those who created us, and have been in charge here, but who came from far away, and want to return.

Wiki tells us that the motto of the “Worshipful Company of Broderers”— allegedly a mere bunch of “[em]broiderers”— is “Omnia Desuper,” Latin for… “All From Above.”

Q.E.D.? Quarantine Erat Demonstrandum? So just as the Freemasons have used the cover of a trade-craft for hundreds of years, so too apparently do the embroiderers— and for far longer apparently. And note that the above motto likely does not refer to any god, else it would merely say “Deus” or such.

But “Lord” Monckton: We didn’t know you embroider, after all you are such a busy chap. Just what tapestry have you been trying to embroider, and for whom? Or did I just outline that above? Interesting to note, also, that another definition of "embroider" is to exaggerate or lie. Is part of the function of this society to spread lies and disinfo?

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