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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Fiery Nuclear Hell Where the Towers Once Stood

35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nukes at the WTC

1) heat generation at ground zero for six months (china syndrome)
2) inability to quench ground zero heat with water
3) red hot/molten steel at ground zero
4) missing core columns from ground zero (vaporized during destruction)
5) spreading of sand at ground zero consistent with attempts to limit radiation
6) washing of steel recovered from pile consistent with radiation decontamination
7) extreme security for ground zero steel shipments consistent with limiting access to radioactive steel
8) extreme security at ground zero, limiting exposure, view of devastation
9) extreme pulverization of WTC concrete into very fine particles
10) disappearance of over one thousand human bodies from WTC debris
11) disappearance of furniture, phones, filing cabinets and computers from WTC debris
12) disappearance of elevator doors, office doors, office cubicle walls, toilets and sinks from WTC debris
13) several floor fragments fused together in “meteorite” object
14) bone fragments sprayed into Bankers Trust upper floor during destruction
15) multiple blast waves during destruction of tower
16) large fireballs during initiation of WTC1 destruction
17) small backpack-sized fission nukes exist
18) fission-nuke technology well-established
19) low efficiency of fission nukes ensures leftover radioactive fragments and China syndrome
20) EMP formation during tower destruction (exploding cars, partial burning)
21) Heat in WTC blast cloud
22) Extensive cover-up of ground zero air by EPA
23) High rate of cancers, including thyroid cancer typically associated with radiation exposure, in ground zero responders
24) Melted, hanging skin in WTC survivor Felipe David in absence of fire
25) Vaporized press and crumpled steel door in WTC basement reported by Pecoraro
26) Steel beam bent in U, without cracking, evidence of extreme high temps
27) Steel beam bent in U has layer of molten metal on surface
28) Extreme overall devastation of two massive towers and blasted out Ground Zero aftermath
29) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical DEW theory by likely govt agents-- uses evidence of nukes (EMP, extreme pulverization of tower into dust) but denies nukes at all costs
30) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical thermite (super nano-thermite) theory by likely govt agents-- uses evidence of nukes (molten steel, china syndrome) but denies nukes at all costs
31) Small iron microspheres found by Jones et al in WTC dust— evidence of steel vaporization by high temps of nukes
32) Pyroclastic debris cloud during WTC destruction
33) Upwards jutting debris trails reminiscent of debris trails formed during underground nuke test
34) Small bright flashes during destruction of both towers
35) Extremely compacted ground zero debris


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad my articles have done some good. A good summary.

From my writings, and off the top of my head, I would add a few things.

Cars catching fire for no apparent reason (lengthily described as EMP by me) were observed and described for each of the two tower destructions by two witnesses. The first by EMT Patricia Ondrovic, the second by EMT Robert Ruiz whose words upon seeing a car entirely catch fire near him for no reason whatsoever--that he can see--declares "Don't ask me how."

I also have cited several firemen on the ground who were not in or near any fire as a tower is destroyed. They reported great heat on their skin and actually stated to the Fire Commission that they (correctly) surmised that they were near a nuclear attack!

Then I have cited three other people who received severe burns NOT from any fire--as is the case with Felipe David. So that's at least four people who suffered from the thermal rays of a nuke, as well as the firemen who felt these thermal rays on the ground during tower destruction.

I would include the eyewitness testimony of WTC Engineer Mike Pecoraro who saw the immediate aftermath of a nuke in the sub-basement. With his description of a steel press being vaporized and a 300 pound steel and concrete door left shriveled up like aluminum foil. Evidence of likely neutron bombardment and "extraordinarily high temperatures."

I would include Fire Protection Engineering Professor Dr. Barnett using those same words to describe "VAPORIZED steel" in the WTC7 rubble. The vaporization of steel (not melting) I have described is not capable of being caused by "gravity," "Super/nano-)thermite, thermobarics, or other chemical explosion.

I would include also Sgt. Matt Tartaglia's concluding that the he saw evidence of "tactical nukes" and his teeth falling out afterwards which is also a sign of radiation poisoning.

Then we had numerous witnesses to ground shaking at the WTC, far beyond the level of the undetectable 2.1 and 2.3 falsely claimed by the regime after re-doing the data. And we had witness Cathy T who reported her building--a mile north--shake and books falling off the shelves as the first underground explosions occurred in the first tower. Again likely from the nuclear explosion then, and of a vastly larger explosion than has been declared. Why claim the explosion was several orders of magnitude less than it was, unless it was a nuke?

Anonymous Physicist

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol that should be renamed 35 reasons why I appear like a retard to others.

Seriously thermite is fantastical while "many mini fission nukes" is not? lol! FYI both are equally fantastical and insane.

You know the only point you actually need is the point where you used a Geiger counter and found significant RADS. But oh no, that would actually be impossible because it would require the area to actually be radioactive.

Also all that dust that spread over the financial district would be radioactive too. HMMM.

In conclusion? MORON.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google "The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess"

9:25 AM  

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