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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Comparison of “Peace Presidents.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy vs Intel NOC Barack Hussein Obama II

by The Anonymous Physicist

With my knowledge of President Kennedy, and the real reasons for his murder, it was almost too much to endure to witness the Nobel Committee award the previously prestigious Peace Prize to such a creature as Barack Obama.

It is a slap in the face of all Americans, and all citizens of this Planet, to award the Peace Prize to Obama— so clearly a creature of the evil intelligence agencies, and so clearly a warmonger, and savior— not of Peace— but of the previous mass murderers, warmongers, and torturers that were his predecessors in the American Regime: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,Yoo, et al.

So I ask again for all who read this blog to either read or listen to the comparison of the words from the two men. First we have President Kennedy— who actually made remarkable strides for peace, mostly behind the scenes— but who did not live to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, nor was he awarded one posthumously. Rather his murderers created the “Report from the Iron Mountain” to justify perennial war, and to overcome his inroads for peace. President Kennedy’s actions included emasculating the CIA after the Bay of Pigs event, and his eventual plan to completely “shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind, after my re-election [which was not allowed].” He stopped the Pentagon’s plans for Wars on Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam. He prevented global nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis— despite massive pressure from the military. His order to return home, from Vietnam, the first 1,000 “advisers” was countermanded by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, meeting in Hawaii, while Kennedy was still alive in Dallas, as detailed by Army Inelligence Major, John Newman, in his book, JFK and Vietnam. Kennedy stopped above ground nuclear bomb testing. He stopped the enactment of Operation Northwoods and an even more insidious, but lesser known, plan to launch all-out, “preemptive” nuclear war on China and the USSR. I have also revealed at this blog, that behind the scenes, Kennedy tried to wrest actual control of America’s nukes and ICBMs from the military, where it actually and unconstitutionally was— and IMO— LIKELY STILL IS!

Think on that, people who think his murder is not relevant to us today! His assassination was relevant, and will always be relevant, to the human race for as long as it may survive. And the PTB know this, and that’s why they, during the Bush regime, made access to his gravesite difficult by foot or by car! And of course, some 40 years later, these filth felt the need to assassinate William Cooper, and to destroy my health and life by emplacing mercury throughout my home.

Kennedy’s famous June 10, 1963 Peace Speech at the Graduation Ceremony at the American University includes his stating that he is carrying out actions that are aimed at having “…. Peace, not just in our time, but for all time.” Other famous bytes from this speech include “…Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.” He rejected American hegemony over the world, in this speech.

Then read the despicable acceptance speech of Obama whereby he just recites bogus excuses for perennial war! Every thinking person on this Planet knows that his excuse using Al-Qaeda is bogus, as they are really AL-CIA-duh. You can be sure that the Nobel Committee Grand Poo-bahs know this too. It is spitting in the face of all citizens of the world to award a Peace Prize to this creature of the intelligence agencies, who by all accounts, was actually born a British citizen born in Kenya, and is a second generation CIA NOC (Non-official cover agent).

Unlike my previous posts exhorting all to listen to Kennedy’s remarkable speech-- made at the height of the Cold War-- Kennedy’s Peace Speech is now available, to be seen as well as heard, on youtube in two parts:

Part I:

Part II:

And here is audio of

Kennedy, early in his Adminstration, asking for the help of the American people in exposing and countering the “secret societies” whose massive control of society, he lays bare, in this short speech! Ultimately, what has transpired has shown that the American people did not deserve this man, and the ultimate sacrifice he made for them.

I painfully forced myself to read Obama’s “acceptance speech.” To me, it is merely the recitation of a warmonger invoking horrific excuses for perennial war. He falsely invoked everything, and everyone, from Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., to President Kennedy, to “God,” to the false flag attack of 9/11-- which my own, and others’, research has shown was nothing less than the nuclear bombing of thousands of innocent Americans, and others, by the American regime itself, and blamed on others in other countries for the ruse of perennial war. This was precisely the kind of Intel Op-Plan (Northwoods) that President Kennedy countermanded, when he received this plan from his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Lemnitzer. Kennedy fired Lemnitzer, and he also fired the top three people at the CIA, one (Cabell) of whom had a brother who was the Mayor of Dallas during Kennedy’s Assassination, and the other, Dulles, was emplaced on the Warren Commission by Assassin, and Co-Conspirator “President” Lyndon Johnson.

In the final analysis, in comparing the two speeches and the two men, we see the following. Obama claimed that it is Man’s evil nature to have perennial war-- and ever more global and devastating war. While President Kennedy was trying to do the inverse of what we have seen so many times in man’s controlled history whereby the PTB instantly declare war when they want to. Kennedy was letting everyone know-- PEACE WAS BEING DECLARED! Furthermore, my Ultimate Truth series demonstrated that the evil Man appears to commit is ordered by those really in control of our species. But we must also judge both men more by their actions than their words. Behind the scenes, Kennedy was even more so desperately working for Peace. He had an envoy in Cuba as he was being murdered, to end the conflict and embargo against Cuba. Vietnam was being ended, before it ever got started. A real end to the massive nuclear and ICBM build-up was being worked on. Economic security for all Americans and the smashing of the Federal Resere Bank had already begun with the issuing of “U.S. Notes” instead of “Federal Reserve Notes.” Listen carefully here to President Kennedy denouncing “a handful of executives whose pursuit of private power and profit…” in raising steel prices by 10%. It clearly made Kennedy livid, and he forced them to rescind their increase. So a mere 10% increase, in those days, and by that President, was declared terribly excessive. In comparison today, stealing trillions from the middle class and poor and giving it to the super-rich is acceptable.

Obama, on the other hand-- as predicted by me, as we wind down to 2012-- is the tool to take us to oblivion, and chaos. The alleged Constitutional scholar destroys the Constitution with every action his administration takes. His regime has allowed the torturers, warmongers, and mass murderers to go scot-free. And his own regime is actually continuing all, or nearly all, these monstrosities. In some matters, acting even worse, and more blatantly, also predictable— the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” effect in the bogus, 2-party system in the USA. His “I have a plan to end the Afghanistan War” is naturally a redux of Richard Nixon. Running for President in 1968, Nixon proclaimed, “Elect ME, for I have a secret plan to end the Vietnam War.” Of course, it turned out to be merely a great escalation, which also led to the takeover of Cambodia, by the Khmer Rouge. They promptly exterminated a third of their own people. And if the American soldiers did not themselves take actions to end the Vietnam War, we might still be there. (Everything from being too stoned to fight, to fragging their superiors helped end that War, as did the My Lai Exposé.) Obama’s Afghan plan is the same. So the PTB merely transfer the locales of their wars precisely through such lackey tools as Obama! While speaking about economic security for all, in his speech, Obama has in fact, helped enrich the super-rich, and is ensuring the misery and impoverishment of the poor and middle class in America. So all Obama’s speech was about, was using any bogus ruse for having Perennial War, while President Kennedy was declaring Peace!! The former was given a Nobel Peace Prize for delineating bogus ruses for Perennial War, and the latter was murdered for ACTUALLY BEING ON THE VERGE OF ENACTING WORLDWIDE PEACE.

Now that President Kennedy’s Peace Speech is available to be seen as well as heard on youtube, and since we cannot be sure how long this will last, please post and/or email his remarkable speech at all sites, blogs, forums, and to your own friends and families- -as well as this article please. You can even include what I have done here-- show how President Kennedy was murdered in part because he refused to go along with a False Flag Operation aimed at having a bogus war (on Cuba and perhaps the Soviet Union), while the Intel Asset, Barack Obama-- a creature of those who killed President Kennedy-- has used the False Flag Op of nuking the World Trade Center for having perennial war on Mankind, and the unconstitutional removal of Americans’ Constitutional rights and freedoms. More on the reasons for murdering President Kennedy is at the Ultimate Truths blog.

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