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Friday, December 11, 2009

Ghostplane Auteur Michael "Majid" Hezarkhani Revealed

And he looks like a real dick:

via email from TP:
I wonder what 42-year-old Majid (Michael) Hezarkhani has been up to? Is he still a CIA sponsored anti Iranian agent? The attached photo is the first time in eight years I have seen an image of him. A diamond merchant would be a good asset for transferring funds or laundering money.

Majid Hezarkhani
Sonora High School
La habra, CA
Class of 1985

Michael Hezarkhani on the board of Giuliani Partners?

The Orange County Clerk-Recorder's Office
[Quite a few entries for Majid (Michael) Hezarkhani]


Blogger nickname said...

Why is it that DU shills ALL stick together - support each other, gang up on OCT critics etc., but conspiracy students NEVER do?

Go to DU and you'll see OCT critics
left at the mercy of bolio buffoon,
sdood, lariat, cindy dithers, wm
hannakuh ceegar et al.

Most of the conspiracy analysts are wimps, and that makes it even
easier for the shills and all that much more important for good people
to support them.

YES, I know that DU is corrupt and
probably receiving "support" from a gov't-funded PR firm, but the lack of support for the good people there is pathetic and almost reprehensible.

"Rich people kiss each other. Poor people piss on each other."

6:32 PM  
Blogger BG said...

Are we supposed to know who TP is? Given that he included the Giuliani Partners link (which was discredited), he doesn't look so trustworthy.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TP is "Tupac"

6:13 PM  

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