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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wingnut Muslim Hijack Fantasy Originated from NASA Employee

"NASA Diver Insists Tale Of Porn-Watching Muslim Hijackers Is True, Despite Discrepancies"

A man who claims he witnessed a "dry run" by Muslim hijackers on a plane at Atlanta's airport last month told TPMmuckraker this morning he is standing by his story, despite several holes in the tale and the carrier's claim he was not even on the plane.

In an email account of his experience that went national on right-wing blogs last week, Tedd Petruna describes a group of 11 Muslim men "in full attire" who created a disturbance on a Nov. 17 AirTran flight on the runway at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

In Petruna's telling, the men fanned out through the plane, and one of the men called a companion in the back of the plane, "talking in Arabic very loudly and very aggressively." He ignored a flight attendant's request to put away his phone before takeoff.

Petruna, who works as a diver at a NASA lab in Houston, says two of the Muslim men began "to show footage of a porno they had taped the night before, and were very loud about it." It's unclear what he means by "taped the night before," and how Petruna would know what the men had been doing the previous night. But he describes porn viewing as an activity Muslims would be permitted to engage in only before Jihad. When a flight attendant objected to their use of an electronic device, she was told to "shut up infidel dog!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Neutral buoyancy" says it all.

Bull crap floats as well.

Smells of an intel perp.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reviewing this matter, I think the scenario that makes most sense--perhaps the only scenario that makes sense--is the following.

Obviously Tedd Petruna is an intel asset or agent. But all the other responses, and actions--and inactions--of the airliner, the regime, the media, indicate that the [unlucky] 13 "Muslims" (as if) were likely intel assets also--playing out their role for scaremongering the people.

And when we see an obvious intel asset/agent as Mr. Petruna--who the airline has stated was not even on board the plane!--works at NASA as a diver, it gives pause as follows:

I had sent a url demonstrating that a recent Chinese manned orbital mission was really an underwater scam,

So we must ask: does Mr. Petruna's "work" at NASA includes faking orbital missions for NASA?

We know that the whole Apollo program was a TV program, but Mr. Petruna's presence as a NASA diver makes us wonder if he and NASA have also faked numerous American orbital missions?

After all, we wouldn't want the Chinese to win, or widen, an Earth orbiting fakery gap, would we?

And where were/are all the 911 video fakery experts on this crucial matter?

Anonymous Physicist

1:50 PM  

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