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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The New Conspiracy TV Series with Jesse Ventura—The 9/11 Episode

by The Anonymous Physicist

As fully expected and predicted here, the new “Conspiracy Theory” series on True TV, with Jesse Ventura, is a hand-picked, Hollywood/CIA version of aspects of 9/11 anomalies. [Note the use of the word “theory.”] The usual 9/11 bogus (hidden) assets were trotted out—William Rodriguez, Steven Jones, etc.

Naturally, the only alternative WTC demolition theory spouted was “super-thermite.” The producers apparently thought it would be too much for their viwers to hear Jones’ extensive “nanotechnology” claims, so that wasn’t used—just “super-thermite.” But now the claim is that thermite worked so well to destroy the towers, because it “was painted on the steel beams.” Is this a new claim? Or is this a ludicrous, hidden way of telling people what some have shown regarding the thermite scam—that the “red chips” allegedly found in some WTC debris, or dust, may be nothing more than primer paint?? Of course, just who and when all the steel beams had “super-termite” painted on them was not detailed. It is well known, however, that what was on many the steel beams was asbestos, to make them even more impervious to heat.

William Rodriguez did say something that may be somewhat different from previous rantings. As I understand it, he always claimed explosions in the basement, where he allegedly was, were from “jet fuel coming down the elevator shaft”—in other words, from above. Now he stated he was thrust upwards from an explosion that originated “below him.” Of course, I have long cited WTC Engineer Mike Pecoraro and others, and other evidence, that there was a nuclear explosion in the sub-basement timed approximately with the “plane crash” above. Everything from melting the skin off Felipe David (without any fire in his own words), to the vaporized steel press and heavy concrete/steel door left shriveled up “like aluminum foil,” has been cited by me, and expounded upon at and in my books at But it is interesting to hear Rodriguez talking about an explosion originating below him.

A great deal of the hour show was spent interviewing Mike Bellone— a curious character much of whose previous background is not readily available. He is listed as being an “honorary fireman” who took part in the “WTC recovery efforts for 257 straight days.” Allegedly he and NYC Firefighter Nicholas DeMasi found/saw three of the four alleged black boxes from the two alleged planes that allegedly hit the two towers. DeMasi took no part in the Ventura TV program. When first asked, Bellone curiously semed to have difficulty in stating/remembering that it was at night-time that he found/saw one of the “black boxes” (Flight Data Recorders). He also showed difficulty in remembering just what date that was. He credits DeMasi with telling him that he (DeMasi) saw/found two other black boxes. Together with Bellone allegedly seeing a third, we have Bellone saying, on the show, that an agent of one of the Gov’t agencies told him the Gov’t has all four—at an FBI center.

A website proclaims Bellone “as a true hero” (same words I have seen for William Rodriquez). Bellone is now a “Director with TRAC—Trauma Response Assistance
for Children.” He has no wiki entry. His website lists but one piece of background info on him—“CEO and Director, East Coast Imports, 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 1987 –1994, Created and managed East Coast Imports (Floral Business).” That’s just seven years out of a lifetime. Bellone and his website indicate he does much paid speaking regarding this “Trauma Response Assistance for Children” around the country now. The show omits that Bellone was arrested in 2005, by NYC Fire Marshalls, for stealing firefighter gear in October, 2001 and going around the country with it. He was charged with “grand larceny, criminal impersonation, and possession of stolen property.” I cannot find the outcome of this arrest. One should realize that intel assets can get away with anything, and charges against them usually “vaporize,” or is it “collapse?”

Much of the show was ludicrous. At one point, Ventura asks each of his assembled team of alleged conspiracy experts, “Do you know what a false flag operation is?” Young Alex Piper replies “no.” A young woman with a British accent, named “June,” also replies “no.” Perhaps her British accent has given away who’s really running this show (Hint: MI6, as usual).

Now in the matter of the black boxes, “finding” them, and pretending to fight with the Gov’t about hiding/releasing this information is a clever legend/hangout/psyop to actually try to lend credence to the existence of the flights, and of planes smashing into the towers, the Pentagon, and into the ground at Shanksville. When all the evidence indicates that any planes smashing into the towers is “bad, special effects” as one of the videographers himself (Fairbanks) described his video after it was returned to him subsequent to “processing” by the FBI. So claiming to have two people state that they saw three of the boxes in the rubble, and being put on what Bellone called a “truck”—but what in other places he called an ATV—appears to be a clever part of the Psyop to make the CGI planes seem real.

The TV show yesterday ended with a “shocker.” Bellone claimed that a Gov’t Air Traffic offical recently told him that “the hijackers were in the cockpit while the planes were still on the runway, and the flight controllers knew this, and still allowed them to take off!” GASP! Of course, I think this is just more balderdash to end the show with something designed to make the planes seem very real. All this to me indicates that the NPT—planes flying into the towers were merely CGI created for TV airing—has perhaps made more inroads than even its proponents realize. So the regime has to counter it with what was shown in this TV program. Both DeMasi and a flight controller did not take part in the Ventura program. A female controller was allegedly going to be interviewed by Ventura, the show reveals; but she changed her mind at the last minute out of fear, and previous harassment and wiretapping. IF she is real, perhaps she just has the wisdom to know who is really running Ventura and this TV show?

Bellone said that an FBI agent visited him, a few years back, and ordered him never to talk about the black boxes. Curiously he has not received any retribution from disobeying that order. No assaults, no breaking into his home and surreptiously pouring a mercury compound all over the floors and countertops—as was done to me—for demonstrating that Secret Service Agent William Greer fired twice—first accidentally hitting Connoly, then blowing half of President Kennedy’s head off.

Learn carefully what I am showing here. The legends of intel assets attempt to demonstrate that the Gov’t is against them—but you will see that no actual, or signifacant, harm was done to them.

The whole matter of claiming to find one, or three, or “all four” black boxes is just part of the legend/psyop of trying to make the CGI planes and explosions/”impacts” real to the People. And it is fascinating to see the real creators of this TV show felt the need to have a new, extraordinary claim that the alleged Arab hijackers of the alleged planes were “in the cockpit while still on the ground.” And that the “terrible, inept flight controllers allowed them to fly anyway.” What about the military at that point? Quite laughable really.

Next up for this show will be the global warming matter. I am sure the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy will soon be aired too. Undoubtedly the “Grassy Knoll” hangout will be the main focus, despite the fact that millions know that SS agent Greer fired the fatal shot. From the way he speaks and carries on, the PTB have their “everyman” in Jesse Ventura— pretending to be the tough guy standing up to the regime and the PTB. While all along, he is merely the gatekeeper to keep the People from knowing the ultimate truths of all conspiracy matters, and from acting upon this knowledge.

Near the end of the show, Ventura interviews an apparently retired FBI agent, Jack Cloonan, “counter-terrorism expert.” Cloonan “innocently” asks him, “What possible reason would the FBI have to lie about any of this to the American people?” Ventura is silent, nodding a bit. And he clearly nods in apparent agreement, when the FBI agent later asks him, “Didn’t you do things as a Navy Seal that were denied for good reason?” But note though how these two questions/statements from the FBI agent contradict each other! Ventura’s acquiescence here is very telling, and very predictable. It— and this whole TV series— is a Psyop to have the People accept the regime’s claims that, either “There are no conspiracies— they’re all lies,” or “if there are any real conspiracies, it’s for the good of the people.”

Jesse Ventura may be a fascinating, and superficially likeable character; but he is intel filth. I ask: Is he Navy Seal, or is he this kind of seal, or is he this kind of seal?

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