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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nuclear Glow During WTC Destruction?

Check out the weird glow in the smoke during the destruction of the two towers-- particularly in the second and third pics:

Is it some trick of the sunlight-- or a tip-off of the nuking? This picture of the towers right before their demolition shows some highlights in the smoke, but not quite the same light effect:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is far better to see video of this.

One reason for this I have pointed out. When this was shown (supposedly in real time) on national TV, the camera pans away from the WTC during the "nuclear glow." That is like showing a shuttle launch and then panning away from the shuttle instead.
But I have not been able to get the video of this--unlike a few years ago.

This too, like the panning away from seeing this, perhaps speaks volumes, and lends more credence to the phenomena, if it must be hidden by the regime.

The first I saw this was at Webfairy's site. (And we can ignore most of what was on the page about alpha radiation and other things, as she is no physicist, and there may be disinfo thrown in with the truth, as most assets [she was/is? DEW to the bitter end] are prone to do.)

Here is a webfairy site, where the other links I tried work, but not the nuclear glow link.

Here is an archived Webfairy page that has better photos than are presented at the article I am commenting on, I think. (Again ignore the text, as there is likely disinfo thrown in.)

Update: I finally got one video to run at dailymotion:

It may not be the one I cited in one of my first articles on the nuking of the WTC. Or it may be a close-up of the early part of that. The one I cited showed the camera panning away from the glow, but it is possible that what I just listed is the first few seconds of that, zoomed in.

But notice also just after the "nuclear glow" is when something "anomalous" happens to the spire/column which survived the "collapse"--until the "nuclear glow." Some have said this was a vaporization.

And if Judy Wood ("dustification") was ordered to give credit to "DEW" for this, it is likely that this WAS a nuclear phenomenon, because her Op I exposed was/is clearly claiming all nuclear and China Syndrome phenomena for "DEW." That included one photo of molten melten being dug up, which her Op called for branding it as a "Cheeto."

So I do think there may be something nuclear about the "nuclear glow."

Anonymous Physicist

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I do think there may be something nuclear about the "nuclear glow."

what else could cause a nuclear glow but a nuclear glow?

3:25 PM  

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